Expedition Team, Experts, and Guides

Newfoundland Circumnavigation 2022

July 4 to July 15, 2022

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Expedition Team

  • Matthew James Swan

    Matthew James Swan

    Director of Business Development, Expedition Leader

    Matthew James is an adventurer and explorer by nature and by trade. He works tirelessly to ensure passengers have the best possible expedition experience.

  • Jennifer Hollett

    Jennifer Hollett

    Executive Director, The Walrus

    Jennifer Hollett is a leader in technology, media, and politics.

  • Paul Dean

    Paul Dean


    Paul is a geologist, writer, and cultural educator—born and raised in Newfoundland. He’s an advocate for traditional Newfoundland music, song, and dance.

  • Dennis Minty

    Dennis Minty

    Photographer, Wildlife Biologist

    Dennis delights in celebrating a sense of place—wherever that place may be. His photography has been published worldwide and he is the author of nine books.

  • Randy Edmunds

    Randy Edmunds

    Expedition Team

    Randy Edmunds is an Inuk from Nunatsiavut. He spends as much time as he can out on the land and sea around the northern coast of Labrador.

  • Kevin Major

    Kevin Major

    Author, Historian

    Kevin was conceived a Newfoundlander, but born a Canadian in the year that Newfoundland joined Confederation; he’s been trying to deal with that paradox ever since.

  • Rob Saley

    Rob Saley


    Rob Saley is a diverse and prolific artist. He works in a number of mediums and styles, and has a passion for Arctic landscapes.

  • Chris Scerri

    Chris Scerri

    Kayak Guide, Musician

    Chris is at home on the water, on the trails, or whenever he’s making music.

  • Daniel Freeze

    Daniel Freeze

    Assistant Expedition Leader

    Dan is an avid outdoorsman who spends as much time as possible pursuing adventure. He loves backcountry skiing, climbing, and the thrill of polar travel.

  • Kaleigh Potts

    Kaleigh Potts

    Assistant Program Director

    Kaleigh loves to learn about other cultures through books, theatre, and travel. She works as a Client Services Lead in our Mississauga office.

  • Scott McDougall

    Scott McDougall

    Sustainability Professional, Expedition Team

    Always motivated by sustainability and adventurous challenges, Scott has led parallel careers: one in the business of sustainability and another in expeditions at sea.

  • Dylan White

    Dylan White


    Dylan is an ecologist and explorer who has rowed and cycled halfway around the globe. Specialist in wildlife, plants and the wilderness.

  • Gerry Strong

    Gerry Strong


    After thirty years of working in healthcare, Gerry now pursues his love of music, travel, and the unique Newfoundland culture through story, travel, and adventure.