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Iceland to Greenland: In the Wake of the Vikings

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In the Wake of the Vikings

The Norse originally set sail from Iceland in search of plentiful farmland, and their search was rewarded in the beautiful and fertile fjords of Greenland. Follow Erik the Red’s original route to explore this seldom-seen coastline, visiting important archaeological sites and modern Greenlandic communities along the way.


Iceland to greenland in the wake of the vikings 2023 map


  • Skjoldungen Sound

    Follow the Norse explorers

    Iceland became a Viking kingdom as more and more Norse ventured Northwest from the British Isles and the Faroes. The boldest adventurers went on to Greenland—and so will we!

    • Cross the Denmark Strait from Iceland to Greenland, following the Vikings of old
    • See the sparsely populated, seldom visited east coast of Greenland
  • Southeast Greenland

    Glaciers and icebergs

    Greenland’s vast ice cap pushes huge rivers of ice—glaciers—down to the sea via a myriad of stunning fjords.

    As the glaciers meet the ocean, tide and temperature combine to break off icebergs, revealing unearthly colours in crystalline shapes. A photographer’s paradise!

  • Eric The Reds Church Reconstruction Brattahlid

    Vikings lived here!

    The Norse ruins at Hvalsey hint at the story of the Viking settlements of Greenland. For four centuries, Norse wayfarers managed to make a living as sheep farmers in this rugged land, building farmhouses, churches, and other trappings of European life.

    Another Norse site, Brattahlid, was Erik the Red’s former estate. Today, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • Qeqqata Kommunia Kangaamuit Streetview03

    Experience Greenland’s unique blend of cultures

    The mix of Danish and Inuit influences is very evident in Greenland. Charming villages of colourful wooden homes reveal a distinctly Scandinavian sensibility.

    Yet these same villages are often surrounded by suburbs of barking sled dogs, and racks of kayaks stand by the shore. Hunters and fishers come and go with fresh seal, reindeer, or locally caught cod. It’s the authentic Greenland experience.


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