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  • Street signs uqsuqtuuq gjoa haven

    © Mark Edward Harris


    Reclaiming the Names: Decolonizing the Arctic, One Place Name at a Time

    Why did Cape Dorset become Kinngait—and what new names are next? Adventure Canada historian, political scientist, and journalist Aaron Spitzer wraps his mind (and mouth) around reclaiming names across Inuit Nunangat and across Canada.

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  • Aara area of research southern labrador in background flowers island in foreground

    © Dennis Minty


    Partnership Profile: Amina Anthropological Resources Association

    Adventure Canada and the Amina Anthropological Resources Association have worked in partnership for over ten years. In this 2020 update, archaeologist Latonia Hartery tells us more about AARA’s mandates and programs, and announces the lucky recipient of the Pioneers Scholarship.

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  • Redstock bay nunavut black and white

    © Scott Forsyth


    A Stormy Start

    “A storm is coming,” the guides warned her on the first day. Shannon McConnell’s Out of the Northwest Passage expedition may have started out grey and stormy, but a little Arctic weather couldn’t stop this Californian from having the trip of a lifetime!

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  • Gannet in flight above rocky coast

    © Dennis Minty

    Article | Scotland

    Gracing the Windy Light: The Seabirds of Scotland

    A long-time admirer of seabirds, Dennis Minty takes us on a deep dive into the lives of gannets and puffins during their nesting seasons in the North Atlantic. From the towering granite of St. Kilda to the grassy hills of Fair Isle, seabird colonies abound in Scotland’s islands.

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  • Janet read light opens over water 5 29x40 oil graphite on duralar 2020


    High Arctic Light: Wilding and Cultivation

    Artist Janet Read presents a new exhibition of her works at Propeller Art Gallery in Toronto, Ontario, based on her travels on Adventure Canada’s Out of the Northwest Passage expedition. Here, she tells us about her journey, inspirations, and process.

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  • Sunny polar swim

    © Martin Lipman

    Article | Canadian High Arctic and Greenland

    How to Talk like an Adventurer: Nine Fine Phrases You’ll Find Yourself Saying in the Arctic

    A fluent speaker himself, Adventure Canada Historian, Political Scientist, and Journalist Aaron Spitzer gives us an introductory lesson in Adventurese: a tongue-twisting combination of sailors’ vernacular, Inuktitut, Newfoundland English, scientific terminology, and other company jargon.

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  • James raffan book launch

    In Brief

    "Ice Walker" by James Raffan: An Online Book Launch

    Tuesday, October 13, 2020, 7:00 PM ET

    Dr. James Raffan is hosting a Facebook Live online book launch of his highly-anticipated upcoming new book, Ice Walker. James will be joined by some of the people who were essential in creating this book, talk about the journey that led to here, read some of the essential pieces of Nanu's story, and offer opportunities to win exclusive giveaways. Be sure to “like” James Raffan’s Facebook page so you don’t miss this great event!

    To learn more about his upcoming book, watch the second episode of James’ video series on the Mindful Explorer.