How to Register and Important Booking Information

On this page, you can find some critical information about our booking policies. Please review our full Terms and Conditions for complete details on your booking with Adventure Canada. Do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. We are here to help.

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How to register

To register for an Adventure Canada expedition, each participant 18 years or older must complete the registration agreement and return it to our office with your deposit. If the participant is under the age of 18, the participant’s legal guardian must complete the registration agreement on their behalf.

The registration agreement includes your contact details, basic personal information, and the terms and conditions of your booking. Each participant will be required to execute their own registration agreement by completing the personal information component and acknowledging each of the eight sections of the Terms and Conditions. Some optional enhancement tours require a separate registration agreement.

Registration agreement screenshot

Registration Agreement

Please note that you are not considered booked until your registration agreement and deposit have been received by Adventure Canada.

If completing the form digitally, please use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Download Registration Agreement

Age Limitations

On itineraries operated by Adventure Canada aboard Ocean Endeavour, we offer family friendly small-ship expeditions and there is no minimum or maximum age restriction. Guests under the age of 18 must have Adventure Canada’s Agreement for Accompanying a Minor Guest completed at the time of booking, if travelling without their legal guardian. Guests16 and under must be accompanied by and share a cabin with a travel companion over the age of 18. No babysitting or childcare services are provided.

Some select specialty programs, including our Antarctic small-ship expeditions, have age restrictions. Please connect directly with our team for more information.

Payment Policy

Fares are priced in US dollars and are per person, per trip. A $2,000 USD deposit per person, per trip is required to register.

Pre-or post-expedition hotels and enhancements require full payment at the time you secure the additional service.

Your final balance for the expedition is due 120 days prior to the scheduled departure date (“Departure Date”).

Cancellation terms and penalties are found in our Terms and Conditions.

As a registered Ontario company, we are licensed to sell travel packages through the Travel Industry Council of Ontario. We are required to keep all customer deposits in Client Trust Accounts and may only use the funds once the trip has begun or to make a deposit to an operator on behalf of the client. Our Client Trust Accounts are subject to audit by a CPA on an annual basis and regularly inspected by TICO auditors.

TICO Registration Number 4001400/5002 1860

Adventure Canada reserves the right to amend all or part of any trip price for any reason including, without limitation: increased fuel costs, airfares, airport levies, COVID-19 related expenses, or increases in ground operator service fees. As regulated by the Travel Council of Ontario (TICO), if the price increase is more than 7% (except increases resulting from an increase in retail sales tax or HST) you have the right to cancel the contract and obtain a full refund.


Although we are a Canadian company, most of our small-ship expedition operating costs are paid in US dollars. For this reason, our shipboard trips are priced in US dollars. This allows us to offer a more stable tour fare throughout the year, with less fluctuation in cost.

Canadian residents may opt to take advantage of Adventure Canada's in-house exchange rate and pay for their voyage in Canadian dollars, if desired. Please contact us for rate information.

Adventure Canada does not accept payments in multiple currencies on single bookings. As a result, the currency you choose to use to pay your deposit (USD or CAD) will be locked-in for the remainder of your for booking at time of registration. If you choose to change your currency type, an administrative fee of $250 USD per person will apply.

Travel Insurance

Due to the nature of the expedition in which you will be participating, we strongly recommend comprehensive insurance coverage including medical, emergency evacuation, trip cancellation and interruption, accident, and baggage insurance. We recommend that you obtain insurance at the time of booking.

A minimum of $500,000 USD per person Emergency Medical and Evacuation Insurance is mandatory for participation. Evidence of policy documentation will be required prior to your departure date.

Your Personal Information

Adventure Canada collects personal information for health, safety, and regulatory reasons. Please review Adventure Canada’s Privacy Policy for full details. Information is collected from our travellers via a secure online account. Guests on a given reservation travelling as a part of a family or group will have access to each other's personal information, including health information. Travellers must advise Adventure Canada at the time of booking if they do not consent to their personal information being accessible to other passengers on the same booking reservation.

Itinerary Changes

Weather, ice, government regulations, and community requests may necessitate changes to the planned itineraries and/or the cancellation of certain shore excursions and enhancements. Published itineraries are examples only and Adventure Canada reserves the right to change or modify the itinerary and landing sites at any time prior or during an expedition. Changes will be communicated at your expedition orientation or during your onboard expedition briefings.

In the event of itinerary changes or delays, whether before or after embarkation, you will be responsible for all associated costs and expenses, including, without limitation, any additional food, lodging, transportation costs, or change fees resulting from any change or delay. In no event will you be entitled to any refund or other compensation for itinerary changes or delays. Travellers should purchase comprehensive travel insurance coverage and refundable air/train tickets. Expedition fees are based on group participation.

Activity Level

Adventure Canada expeditions necessitate that passengers be in reasonably good health. Zodiac cruises and transfer times can be lengthy. You must be able to climb stairs between decks on the ship. You must also be able to climb the external gangway stairs to transfer between the ship and the Zodiacs. Our expedition team and ship crew are available to assist you in and out of the Zodiacs, both on shore and at the gangway. Adventure Canada expeditions may involve extensive walking in variable weather conditions over sometimes sandy or uneven terrain. Wherever possible while on shore excursions, we break into smaller, guided groups according to interest and physical ability.

This may mean one small group going off on a strenuous, two-hour hike on steep terrain, while another explores the area in and around the landing beach, keeping to relatively level terrain and short distances. Generally speaking, once a few guests are ready to return to the ship, the Zodiacs are usually available to take you back at the time of your choosing.

Health Considerations & Medical Facilities

Adventure Canada expeditions take place far away from hospitals and other institutional medical care and are therefore intended for persons in good health. An adequate medical facility could be 72 hours away or more, and emergency evacuation and adequate medical treatment may be delayed or unavailable in certain areas. Our vessel is not equipped to handle serious medical conditions. Medical and Emergency Evacuation insurance is mandatory. If you require specific medications, please ensure that you bring a supply adequate to last you for the duration of the journey and take care to properly pack them to ensure safe transport. Once aboard the ship, we will be travelling in remote communities where prescriptions cannot be replaced. Select vessels have an onboard doctor; should you require the doctor's services, a consultation and treatment fee will apply. Any charges will be debited to your onboard account

Passengers who need assistance, special facilities, or need to bring medical equipment with them onboard must disclose this in advance of booking. Adventure Canada reserves the right to refuse or revoke passage to anyone who, in its sole judgment, is unfit to participate in the expedition or who endangers their safety or the safety of others, including by failing to follow Adventure Canada health and safety protocols.

Special Accommodations

Adventure Canada is committed to extending a high level of customer service to all of our guests. We are dedicated to demonstrating leadership by working constructively with our guests, staff, volunteers, and community to meet and exceed legislative requirements and identify, prevent, and realistically remove barriers to provide a fulfilling experience to be enjoyed by all travellers. Due to the physical challenges of our ship and the nature of our excursions, it may not be possible for travellers with certain mobility disabilities to capture the full experience. We recognize each person is unique in their abilities and therefore we are happy to discuss our ship, shore excursions, and other details with you, to enable you to make a realistic decision in accordance with your individual needs. We are committed to meeting the needs of persons with disabilities and will do so by preventing and removing barriers to accessibility wherever possible.

Passport and Visas

All travellers require a valid passport to take part in Adventure Canada expeditions.


Based on the location of your trip, your current passport must be valid between three (3) and six (6) months beyond the time of departure. Please check with your Client Service Representative for passport requirements for your specific expedition. Should your passport be updated, renewed, or changed for any reason after registration, please advise us as soon as possible, and ensure your airline tickets are amended with the new details.

Adventure Canada is not responsible for fees or penalties incurred by rebooking flights. Visa-exempt foreign nationals who travel to OR transit through Canada will need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). Exceptions include U.S. citizens and travellers with a valid visa. Please visit the Government of Canada website for more information.


Passengers holding passports issued by countries other than Canada should carefully check for visa requirements. All travellers' passports must contain at least one blank page available for visa stamp(s).

It is the traveller’s responsibility to ensure proper travel documents are obtained prior to departure. Adventure Canada does not have the authority to issue visas, to apply for visas on a traveller’s behalf, or to assist you with your visa application.