Industry Memberships

At Adventure Canada, we pride ourselves in taking a leadership role in our field. We advocate for best practices as members of a number of groups that help ensure a sustainable, equitable future for adventure travel and for the communities and regions we visit.

  • Tiac Aitc Logo

    Travel Industry Association of Canada (TIAC / AITC)

    TIAC is responsible for representing tourism interests at the national level, and its advocacy work involves promoting and supporting policies, programs and activities that will benefit the sector's growth and development.

  • Itac Logo

    Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC)

    The Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada focuses on creating partnerships between associations, organizations, government departments, and industry leaders from across Canada to support the growth of Indigenous tourism in Canada and address the demand for development and marketing of authentic Indigenous experiences.

  • Hospitality Newfoundland And Labrador Logo

    Hospitality Newfoundland & Labrador

    Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador, established in 1983, is a non-profit membership association that leads, supports, represents, and enhances the province’s tourism industry.

  • Aeco Logo

    Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators (AECO)

    An international association for expedition cruise operators operating in the Arctic and others with interests in this industry. AECO is dedicated to managing responsible, environmentally friendly and safe tourism in the Arctic and strives to set the highest possible operating standards.

  • Tico Logo

    Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO)

    The Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO) is an organization mandated by the Ontario government to administer the Ontario Travel Industry Act, 2002 and Ontario Regulation 26/05. TICO's mandate is to support the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services' mission of maintaining a fair, safe and informed marketplace.

  • TIAO Proud Member

    Tourism Industry Association of Ontario (TIAO)

    TIAO propels the powerful and innovative Ontario tourism industry by connecting tourism leaders, innovators, government, and educators through events and conferences.