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What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file sent to your browser and stored on your device by a website you visit. Cookies may save information about the pages you visit and the devices you use, which in return can give us more insight about how you use our website so we can improve its usability and deliver more relevant content.

Cookies don’t store your personal information and don’t know who you are. Your browsing on our website is anonymous. It is important to note that cookies cannot harm your device.

Cookies used on this website and our applications

While some cookies are necessary to ensure our website functions properly for you, others might be used to improve our website’s performance, or for the purposes of advertising and targeted messaging.

There are three types of cookies we use: required, performance, and targeting cookies.

Required Cookies

These cookies are necessary for our website to function properly. They cannot be turned off in our systems.

However, you can block these cookies in your browser preferences if you prefer. If you decide to do so, keep in mind that some parts of our services will not work without cookies. In addition, you may experience some unwanted website behaviour, such as being shown the same interactive element even when you select not to see it anymore.

Required cookies track your preferences settings and application loggings, interact with elements such as popups (very similar to the Cookie Notice you clicked on to visit this page), or ensure that forms are submitted securely.

These cookies are usually only set in response to actions you make that are requests for services.

These cookies include:

This cookie is used to remember your preference in response to our Cookie Notice. It expires after one year.

CraftSessionsId (set by Craft CMS)
Our website relies on PHP sessions to maintain your session as you visit different pages on our website. This is done via the PHP session cookie. This cookie will expire as soon as you leave our website.

CRAFT_CSRF_TOKEN (used by Craft CMS)
Forms on our website must use built-in protection against Cross-Site Request Forgery attacks (CSRF). This cookie will expire as soon as you leave our website. If you disable this cookie you will not be able to fill out any of our website forms.

__cfduid (used by Cloudflare)
The __cfduid cookie collects and anonymizes End User IP addresses. It helps detect malicious visitors to our website and minimizes blocking legitimate users. It identifies individual clients behind a shared IP address and applies security settings on a per-client basis. It is necessary for supporting security features. This cookie is a session cookie that expires after 30 days.

_omappvp, _omappvs and omSeen-{slug} (used by OptinMoster)
We use OptinMonster to show popup messages, such as notices about upcoming webinars. Any popup you see on our website is most likely triggered by OptinMonster. After you close a popup message, OptinMonster’s cookies will remember you so the message doesn’t show up again. These cookies will expire in 11 years.

Blocking OptinMonster’s cookies in your browser’s preferences will not prevent popups from showing. In fact, it will worsen your browsing experience. Because OptinMonster’s cookies are used to remember if you are a new or returning visitor, as well as to remember if you have already seen a popup message, disabling these cookies will mean the same popup will be shown repeatedly each time you visit our website or navigate to a new page.

For the full list of cookies that OptinMonster may use, as well as when they will expire, please read the Cookie List article on the OptinMonster website.

vuid (used by Vimeo)
We use Vimeo as our primary platform to deliver video content to you. These cookies are essential to ensure that Vimeo's video player functions properly. Without them, you will not be able to watch videos embedded on our website.

We do not hold control over Vimeo’s cookies. By watching one of the videos on our website, you automatically agree to Vimeo’s cookies.

While these cookies ensure that the video player functions properly, they may also collect information regarding your watching behaviour, such as preferred content you like to watch. However, this may happen only if you were previously logged on to Vimeo. You can learn more about Vimeo cookies on their website.

At Adventure Canada we believe that Vimeo's cookies are less intrusive than YouTube's and that your privacy will be better protected if we use Vimeo instead of the YouTube video platform. Still, in some rare cases, we may have to use a YouTube video player on our website.

We do not hold control over YouTube’s cookies. We provide some video content on our website through free YouTube streaming services; as a result, YouTube will install cookies on your device that will track your interactions with the YouTube player embedded on our website.

For example, YouTube’s cookies will track how much of a video you watch or whether you pause or stop a video, as well as the type and the name of video you watch. YouTube uses this information to optimize suggested content and ads (not related to our services) that they display to you on YouTube and its affiliate websites. By watching one of our videos on our website, you automatically agree to YouTube’s cookies.

While the YouTube cookies are not essential for our website to function properly, by blocking them you will not be able to watch our video content.

If you still want to block required cookies, please read the “How to Control and Delete Cookies” section toward the end of this page.

Performance Cookies

To measure and improve the performance of our website, we monitor events such as page visits, page scrolls, clicks on links, form submissions, or how many times a video is watched.

Remember, these cookies do not collect your personal information. Rather, the information we collect is used to understand website trends and content engagement, identify usability issues, or learn about our user base as a whole.

These cookies include:

_ga, _gat, 1P_JAR (used by Google Marketing Platform)
Google’s cookies register unique IDs that are used to generate statistical data on how people are using our website. These cookies do not collect personal information, so you cannot be identified. _ga, and _gat cookies will expire in two years and 1P_JAR cookies will expire in 30 days.

You can learn more about how Google collects, stores, and processes data by reading Safeguarding your data on the Google Analytics Help website. To learn more about Google cookies, please read How Google uses cookies on the Google Privacy and Terms website. In addition, Google provides a browser add-on that you can use to opt out of Google Analytics cookies.

Targeting Cookies

We use Google Ads and Facebook to promote our services, as well as ActiveCampaign to create targeted email campaigns. While ActiveCampaign will track your interactions with our website only, Google Ads and Facebook can also track your interactions on other websites. Therefore, you may see our ads when you are on websites that are not related to our business.

Blocking Facebook and Google Ads cookies on our website will prevent us from showing you our ads on other websites that are not related to our business. However, it will not block all Google Ads and Facebook advertisements that you see on your device as result of visiting other websites.

These cookies include:

__ar_v4 (used by Google Ads)
This cookie enables the collection of information related to the pages you visit on our website and is used for targeted ad campaigns that may show on other websites not related to our business. The complete process is anonymized and does not carry your personal information. This cookie expires after one year.

_fbp and _fbc (Facebook Ads)
Facebook cookies keep track of our unique users and interactions with our website. These cookies get set as a result of your visit to our website or from clicking on one of our ads on Facebook. Facebook cookies are automatically updated/extended by Facebook with a default expiration of 90 days.

prism_26108840, (used by ActiveCampaign)
This cookie tracks the individual web pages you visit on our website. Information in this cookie is anonymized and the cookie doesn’t carry any of your personal information. This cookie expires in 30 days.

How to Control and Delete Cookies

Cookies on our website, except for required cookies, can be disabled by clicking on “Don't allow cookies” on the Cookie Notice popup that will show the first time you visit our website and until you select one of the offered options.

In addition, you can disable all our cookies, including required cookies or cookies from other websites, in your Internet browser (such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or others). These settings are usually located within the Help, Tools, or Edit functions of your menu bar. You can search on the web using a phrase such as, “How to block cookies on Chrome” to find step-by-step guidelines.

Disabling cookies will not delete cookies that are already installed. To remove installed cookies, please check your browser settings or search the web for step-by-step guidelines for your type of browser.

Keep in mind that blocking all cookies will affect your browsing experience, not just on our website but on all websites you visit. If you experience issues such as not being able to submit a form on our website, this may be due to blocking all cookies on your browser.

Additionally, you may also be interested in opting out of targeted advertising through these programs:


For questions or concerns regarding our cookie usage, please email our Privacy Officer.

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