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Greenland & Wild Labrador

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Greenland & Wild Labrador



Follow the route of Leif Erikson from Greenland to Newfoundland, via coastal Labrador.

Sailing south over the Arctic Circle, surrounded by mountains and glaciers. Greenland’s coast is sublime!

Crossing the Davis Strait, we visit Torngat Mountains National Park, staffed completely by Inuit. Our southerly journey will follow the rugged Labrador coast. Across the Strait of Belle Isle in Newfoundland, we’ll roam North America’s only authenticated Norse site before sailing the picturesque coast of northeast Newfoundland.

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  • Red clouds greenland

    Cross the Arctic Circle by ship in glorious Sondre Stromfjord

    Sailing south from Kangerlussuaq to Baffin Bay, enjoy the stunning mountain scenery of Sondre Stromfjord. At 160 kilometres in length, this incredible waterway showcases some of Greenland’s finest scenery.

    • Enjoy your special moment of crossing the Arctic Circle
    • Watch for Northern Lights above the mountain peaks
    • Catch a glimpse of Greenland’s incredible ice cap
  • Nuuk National Museum Of Greenland

    Visit Nuuk, Greenland’s intriguing capital

    The city of Nuuk offers a fascinating glimpse into Greenland’s history—and future. A bustle of activity, the city at first glance offers a taste of Europe, with art galleries, cafes, and restaurants.

    Look a little closer and you will see historic buildings from the whaling era. The excellent museum offers a deep dive into the fascinating history and culture of Greenland.

  • Torngat Mountains National Park

    Take a hike in Torngat Mountains National Park

    The highest mountains in Canada east of the Rockies form the backdrop to the only park initiated and staffed entirely by Inuit.

    Gorgeous fjords, landscapes ablaze with autumn colours, and wonderful wildlife opportunities—including the possibility of both polar and black bears—make travel in the Torngats unbeatable!

  • Nain Brass Band 2

    Enjoy a warm Inuit welcome in Nain, capital of Nunatsiavut

    Few Canadians have been to Labrador; fewer still to Nunatsiavut, the Inuit region of which the town of Nain is the capital.

    A historic church, a vibrant musical tradition and plenty of art and handicrafts await visitors to Nain. And the Inuit welcome, complete with country food and games, is unforgettable!

  • L Anse Aux Meadows

    Visit the restored Viking habitation at L’Anse aux Meadows

    The only authenticated Norse archeological site in all of North America, L’Anse aux Meadows, at the northern tip of Newfoundland is a must-see.

    Here, the Viking settlement—first discovered in the 1960s—has been reconstructed. A fabulous interpretation centre and wonderful guides in period costume bring Viking history to life.


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Ocean Endeavour

Our spacious, ice-strengthened vessel features twenty Zodiacs, advanced navigation equipment, and stabilizers. A doctor, paramedic, medical clinic, and enhanced health regime offer peace of mind. Roomy facilities offer comfortable travel with plenty of breathing room for all.

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Greenland and wild labrador webinar cover 3

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Greenland & Wild Labrador