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Nahanni Scenic Rafting with Canoe North Adventures


  • 2 sunning scenery

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    Experience Stunning Scenery

    Expect thrills and splashes as the rafts descend through the waves on the river and the spectacular scenery of Virginia Falls, Sunblood Mountain, George’s Riffle, Lafferty's Canyon, Hell’s Gate, Kraus Hot Springs, and the four 1200-metre-high canyons.

  • 3 wildlife viewing

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    Wildlife Viewing

    There is a possibility to see some of the caribou, Dahl sheep, bison, and wolves who call the park home.

  • 4 comfy camps

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    Comfy Camps

    No luxury is spared with a 5-star menu, fine camping gear, spacious shelters, and roomy tents. The rafts allow us to carry creature comforts such as tables and chairs. Enjoy twenty-four-hour daylight allowing for relaxing evenings around the campfire and leisurely mornings.

  • 5 camraderie

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    The camaraderie built on a raft is like no other wilderness experience. As the days go by, a cup of tea, hot chocolate, or coffee becomes at home in your hands as much as a paddle or a camera. By the end of the trip, new friends and memories for life will have been made.

  • 6 relax on the river

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    Relax on the River

    The objective of a raft is to remove stress but not enjoyment from a special wilderness experience. Rafts provide a solid and extremely stable platform for your adventure, allowing first-timers or experienced paddlers to truly feel the wilderness around them while enjoying the ride, paddling, or socializing.