Land Tour

Keele River by Canoe


  • Keele River 3

    Travel one of the last wild rivers

    Turquoise waters flow from high in the divide between the Yukon and Northwest Territories through towering mountains and broad valleys of boreal spruce. Although fast and boisterous, the Keele has very clear lines and the choice to paddle smooth water or bouncy water.

  • Paddling Keele River 5

    Paddle the ancient Mountain Dene route

    The Keele remains pristine wilderness. Experience dramatic Shezal Canyon; the plunging slopes of the Ekwi River confluence; sparkling Nainlin Brook; the superb fishing of Toochingkla; the lively Twitya; Red Dog Creek with its quiet current; and the Talking Cliffs that announce the mighty Mackenzie River lying around the next few bends!

  • Keele River Camp

    Enjoy the wilderness—in comfort

    • Excellent for paddlers with limited, or dated experience
    • Enjoy delicious meals prepared for you at camp
    • No portages required!
    • Very few bugs at this time of year
    • Superb fishing opportunities