Land Tour

Belugas, Bears, and Blooms


  • Beluga Boat Tour

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    See belugas by the hundreds

    In July and August, the Churchill River becomes a haven for beluga whales as they migrate to its warm and shallow waters for the birth of their young. Brace yourself for an unforgettable experience as you witness these magnificent creatures—often referred to as “canaries of the sea”—by the hundreds!

  • Summer Polar Bear

    Explore Churchill Wildlife Management Area by Tundra Buggy

    After the thawing of Hudson Bay, polar bears make their annual journey, swimming to the coast and scattering across the area as they wait out the summer months. Enjoy journeying by Tundra Buggy in search of the first of the summer polar bears as they migrate to the region.

    Marvel at the breathtaking Arctic tundra, alive with vibrant blooms during this time of year, and search for a diverse array of other northern animals.