Land Tour

Belugas, Bears, and Blooms


  • Beluga Boat Tour

    Appreciate the natural bounty of the Churchill River

    During July and August, beluga whales migrate into the warm shallow waters of the Churchill River to give birth. Viewing the belugas by the hundreds by boat is an experience you’ll never forget!

  • Summer Polar Bear

    Explore Churchill Wildlife Management Area by Tundra Buggy

    Watch for many species of northern wildlife—perhaps even an opportunity to see the first of the summer polar bears as they migrate into the area.

Travellers’ Testimonials

  • “I found the staff extremely friendly and approachable. They were all so excited to talk about their field of expertise.”

    Bonnie Ferlin

    Sable Island

  • “I was travelling alone, so I really appreciated how warm and welcoming everyone was. There was an impressive group of experts on board, and their enthusiasm was contagious.”

    Alma Beard

    Greenland and Wild Labrador

  • “I came home feeling like I had a college education! So much knowledge presented in a fun and easily understandable way.”

    Amy Powers

    Out of the Northwest Passage