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Heart of the Arctic

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The Arctic Travel Experience


Heart of the Arctic


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    Travel Through Inuit Nunangat Alongside Inuit

    Experience the extraordinary privilege of journeying through Inuit Nunangat—the ice, water, and lands of Inuit.

    Delve into a dynamic culture as you learn about the language, arts, cuisine, music, and traditions. Each facet is thoughtfully integrated into our on-board and onshore educational program, creating moments of authentic learning throughout your voyage.

    As honoured guests in the Inuit homeland, you’ll gain unique insights into the kinship between Inuit and the nuna (land). Connect with Inuit—artists, cultural educators, academics and more—who graciously share their knowledge and expertise.

    Try your hand at Inuit games, sample country food, visit a local hamlet, or simply walk the tundra with Inuit expedition team members who share Inuit Nunangat, their homeland, with you.

  • Art Making Communities

    © Michelle Valberg

    Meet local artists and buy one-of-a-kind artworks in the Canadian Arctic and Greenland

    Tour the co-ops and workshops where brilliant prints, vibrant tapestries, and stunning carvings are made.

    Meet the artists and deepen your appreciation for the art of the Arctic!

    Inuit art is famed throughout the world—an expression of a creative culture that is both ancient and contemporary.

  • Polar Bear Ungava Bay

    © Andrew Stewart

    Spot polar bears, whales, and seabirds in pristine Arctic environments

    Seek out the amazing creatures that call this rich region home and revel in the scenery as you go—from the ship, by Zodiac, or on hiking excursions.

    Admire the bounty and beauty of the fjords of Greenland, the coast of Baffin Island, the tides of Hudson Strait, and awe-inspiring Ungava Bay.

  • Nuuk the Greenland National Museum

    © Dennis Minty

    Visit Nuuk, Greenland’s intriguing capital

    Take your time to wander the city of Nuuk, which offers a fascinating glimpse into Greenland’s history—and future.

    Enjoy the bustle of activity at the art galleries, cafés, and restaurants that possess a strong Scandinavian influence in their design, architecture, and flavours.

    Look a little closer and you will see modern Inuit artworks and historic buildings from the whaling era dotting the streets, too.

    Be sure to visit the excellent museum, offering a deep dive into the fascinating history and culture of Greenland.

  • Inuit Life Greenland

    © Michelle Valberg

    Appreciate Inuit life and culture in three Arctic regions

    Visit three distinct regions of the Arctic to appreciate the diversity and interconnectedness of Inuit life.

    In Nunavut, admire how the art reveals the unique creative spirit of Inuit culture.

    In Nunavik, listen to the languages of Inuktitut, French, and English that can be heard among the hamlets of Ungava Bay.

    And in Greenland, note how the architecture reveals a distinct Scandinavian flair.

  • Passengers With Botanist 1

    © Andre Gallant

    Learn from local experts

    Travel in the company of local knowledge-keepers and recognized experts to truly appreciate the depth of what the Arctic offers.

    From geology to botany, archaeology to art, and climate change to language and heritage, you’ll learn as you go, deepening your understanding day by day—and having fun in the process!


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Arctic travel experience webinar cover

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The Arctic Travel Experience