Stefanie Liller - Expedition Team

Stefanie Liller

Expedition Team

Stephanie is an avid world traveller with a passion for skydiving and a love of nature

Stefanie was born in Offenbach, Germany in 1978. After completing her apprenticeship as a biology lab technician at the Paul-Ehrlich Institute in Langen, Germany, she earned a degree in biology and meteorology at the Universities of Darmstadt and Freiburg in Germany.

Alongside her studies and her love of nature, Stefanie developed an interest in and a passion for skydiving. This eventually changed from being a hobby to becoming her profession. While working at drop-zones and indoor skydiving facilities throughout central Europe, Stefanie enjoyed sharing her passion for the sport with other people. A large part of her career was spent as a coach. It was always very important to her to make her skills available to people curious and interested, and to look after their safety and lasting enjoyment of the sport. Starting in 2011 she managed several indoor skydiving facilities in Germany and Austria.

In addition to her professional career, Stefanie is an avid world traveller by foot or public transport. While exploring various landscapes and communities on all seven continents, she enjoys sharing her experiences and unique moments with others. Since 2017, Stefanie has been working as an independent coach in skydiving and indoor skydiving and guide or lector on several vessels in remote areas. Stefanie has chosen Vienna, Austria as her home base, and lives there in between trips.