Sarah Macdonald - Expedition Team Coordinator

Sarah Macdonald

Expedition Team Coordinator

Sarah is an Environmental Science student, with a passion for the Earth and everything it encompasses. She is an avid learner and loves exploring the outdoors.

Sarah grew up in Toronto, Ontario, but lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, for most of the year. She has just completed her third year of her Bachelor of Science degree, with a major in environmental science. Upon graduation, she plans on pursuing a career in research as well as expedition travel. Sarah is excited to be completing her honours thesis this upcoming year. She will be studying the presence and effects of a strain of cyanobacteria in different water systems in Nova Scotia.

Her inspiration to work in this industry was sparked by the opportunity to embark on a sixteen-day small-ship expedition to Antarctica and South Georgia. During this expedition, she explored the beautiful landscapes and wildlife and experienced the true serenity of the region. Since this experience, she has worked to expand her knowledge and discover more about the world, specifically the polar regions.

Sarah enjoys anything to do with the outdoors. In the past, she has led portaging trips, and she also enjoys whale watching, camping, snorkelling, and many more outdoor activities. Sarah is interested in finding sustainable ways of living by reducing her carbon footprint and spreading awareness of how important it is to live on a clean, healthy planet.