Robert Wheatley - Expedition Team

Robert Wheatley

Expedition Team

Bob, an engineer by trade, is a passionate traveller and adventurer who's backpacked independently for two years around the world.

Robert, or Bob, has loved travel and adventure all his life. He independently backpacked for two years going to different places around the world. The first year, he travelled around India and Nepal where he hiked the Annapurna trail, then went onto Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia. The second year he backpacked the Middle East—Israel, Jordan, and Egypt seeing in the millennium at the Jean-Michel Jarre concert at the pyramids.

Bob is an engineer by trade and has designed, manufactured, and tested vehicles and aircraft throughout the world on many diverse projects.

His lifelong passion has been scuba diving. He is a qualified Padi and BSAC instructor. He is qualified to use a rebreather and blend his own gas mixtures. Some of the places he’s dived include Scapa Flow, Egypt, Bermuda, Thailand, Cyprus, Australia, and Truk Lagoon. Bikini Atoll remains on his bucket list!

He bought a derelict small holding with ten acres of land in the North Yorkshire countryside, UK. He has renovated the property and now has a flock of rare breed Hebridean sheep and a few chickens that even lay blue eggs.