Cuauhtemoc (Cuau) Velazquez Lopez - Videographer

Cuauhtemoc (Cuau) Velazquez Lopez


Cuau is a curious and optimistic documentary filmmaker, interested in travel and growth stories. He loves discussing art, languages, cultures, self-development, spirituality, and above all, silly things.

Cuauhtemoc (Cuau) is a filmmaker and writer. He’s passionate about good storytelling in all its forms and helping others express themselves and share their unique gifts with the world. He is originally from Mexico, where he created his first short film and worked as a TV reporter. He then lived in Japan for five years, where he wrote articles for a travel magazine and made short documentaries about Japanese art and culture.

In 2019, he got a fresh start by moving to Canada where he embarked on a healing journey, working with wellness entrepreneurs and helping them craft their message while learning a myriad of healing modalities such as meditation, yoga, and breathwork. He even became a certified breathwork facilitator in 2021!

Living in different places and travelling around the world has helped Cuau gain insights into different cultures, languages, and walks of life. He hopes to become a bridge and facilitate communication between different ways of seeing the world and finding that which we all have in common.

His interests include films, languages, geography, psychology, self-development, spirituality, politics, nature, travel, swimming, and all kinds of art. Above all, Cuau enjoys having deep and often silly conversations with fellow humans.