Carina Gjerdrum - Researcher-in-Residence

Carina Gjerdrum


Carina is a seabird biologist with over twenty-five years of experience.

Carina is a seabird biologist with the Canadian Wildlife Service in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She has over twenty-five years of experience as a wildlife biologist, much of which involved prolonged periods in remote settings and challenging conditions. She has experience working with a number of different taxa, including land and seabirds, elephant seals, flying squirrels, bats, salamanders, fungus beetles, amphipods, and mollusks, across a variety of ecosystems from tropical to polar.

In Carina’s current position with the Canadian Wildlife Service, she coordinates the monitoring and conservation program for birds at sea in eastern Canada. She has travelled with Adventure Canada as part of the Researcher in Residence program since 2018, using this opportunity to conduct seabird surveys through some of the most remote, but important Arctic marine habitats. The data will help identify important marine areas for protection, identify emerging threats, and understand the consequences of climate change on Arctic marine bird populations. Through this important collaboration with Acadia University and Adventure Canada, our understanding of seabird distribution in the Arctic is growing.