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2019-2020 Expeditions Brochure


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In the summer of 1988, Adventure Canada ran its very first Arctic expedition—a camping trip to Baffin Island, Nunavut. It was a far cry from the way we travel now! But Adventure Canada’s founders established the key to our success: the where, the how, and the why of expedition travel. As I look forward to the next thirty years with my siblings Alana and Matt, we always keep the where, the how, and the why in mind. 


Where do we go? To the best of places. We pioneered expedition cruising in the Canadian Arctic; looking forward, we’re tracing the coastlines of Ireland, Scotland, Iceland, and Greenland before our signature trips to the high Arctic, the Northwest Passage, Newfoundland, and Labrador—and beyond.


How do we go? The Adventure Canada way: highlighting local knowledge; working with communities; partnering with like-minded organizations; combining education, entertainment, and fun. We travel with artists and musicians, scientists and scholars. Our top-notch expedition team and crew bring the personal touch—and travellers like you bring the energy, the curiosity, and the wonder. 


Why do we go? Why take a ship to a faraway kingdom, or cruise a distant fjord? Why visit the belugas of Lancaster Sound, or the bears of Churchill? Why wander among Scottish castles, Viking ruins, or Thule artefacts? Why gaze up at the northern lights, or spot rare birds, or do any of those wonderful things we do?


Why? Because you do! You seek new horizons, new experiences, new ideas, and new friends. And we’re here to take you there. That’s the where, the how, and the why of it. After all—why not? 


We'd love you to come along.


Cedar Swan, CEO


Note: this brochure covers all of our 2019 and 2020 itineraries. For more trip-specific details, including individual trip PDFs with day-by-day itineraries, see below.

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Tanzania's Great Migration Safari 2019


Tanzania's Great Migration Safari 2019


Africa: Culture and tradition, song and story. Wildlife beyond your wildest dreams. The sights, sounds and smells of the Serengeti. An African adventure awaits…



Costa Rica & Panama 2019


Costa Rica and the Panama Canal 2019


Embrace the exotic beauty of coastal Costa Rica and Panama. Experience tropical landscapes and seascapes by yacht. Transit the Panama Canal in style!



Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands


Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands 2019


Explore the environments and animals that inspired Darwin. The islands of the Galápagos are breathtakingly beautiful, fragile, and diverse. Celebrate life itself in Galápagos!



Ireland Circumnavigation


Ireland Circumnavigation 2019


Everyone loves Ireland! Friendly folks, rolling countryside, charming villages, and rugged seascapes. The Emerald Isle is truly a treasure—best seen by ship. 



Baffin Floe Edge 2019


Baffin Island Floe Edge: Narwhals & Polar Bears 2019


Rugged mountains, stunning glaciers, northern seabirds, narwhals, and Inuit culture await us on a truly amazing Baffin Island Arctic tour.



Scotland Slowly


Scotland Slowly 2019


In the isles of Scotland, the past is present. Music, dancing, and stories. Rugged ruins. Ancient villages. Soaring seabirds. Visit mystical, coastal Scotland by ship! 



Baffin Walrus Bowhead


Baffin Island: Walrus & Bowhead Whales 2019


Iconic wildlife in unforgettable wilderness. Travel to the land of midnight sun with local guides in search of the ultimate in photography and wilderness travel.



Birding Northwest Territories 2019


Birding the High Arctic & Northwest Territories 2019


This tour takes in three incredible regions: tundra above the Arctic Circle; boreal forest and lakes around Yellowknife, Northwest Territories; and the aspen parkland of Central Alberta.



Haida Gwaii 2019


Haida Gwaii 2019: June 30–July 9 & July 7–16


Join us on an exclusive expedition aboard a small sailing vessel. Meet Haida interpreters who share their artistic heritage, and be awed by the beauty of Haida Gwaii!



Iceland Circumnavigation


Iceland Circumnavigation 2019


Viking stronghold. Land of fire and ice. Ever-changing and eternal. Culture, wildlife, and wonders. A modern nation on an ancient island. Iceland by ocean awaits.



Keele River 2019


Keele River by Canoe 2019


Experience an iconic Canadian wilderness canoeing experience through the rugged Mackenzie Mountains in Canada’s Northwest Territories.



In the Wake of the Vikings


In the Wake of the Vikings: Iceland to Greenland 2019


Like the Vikings of old, we sail west from Reykjavík. There lies a region of mountains, glaciers, fjords, and icebergs. The icy realm of Greenland awaits.



Belguas, Bears, Blooms


Belugas, Bears, & Blooms 2019


The Churchill River teems with belugas, the tundra flowers are in bloom, and the summer polar bears are migrating into the area. Churchill is summer-spectacular!



High Arctic Explorer


High Arctic Explorer 2019 & 2020


In the mythic far reaches of the Arctic lie Inuit homelands. Journey in comfort from Qausuittuq (Resolute Bay), Nunavut to Kangerlussuaq, Greenland. Visit the Arctic at the height of summer! 



Into the Northwest Passage


The Northwest Passage 2019 & 2020


Sail into and out of the Northwest Passage aboard our flagship expeditions. Two departures each year. One unforgettable adventure.



Greenland & Wild Labrador


Greenland & Wild Labrador 2019 & 2020


Follow the route of Leif Erickson. From Kangerlussuaq, Greenland to St. John’s, NL, via coastal Labrador—stopping at incredible Canadian National Parks along the way! 



Bears of Churchill


Bears of Churchill: Town and Tundra Enthusiast 2019


Travel with experienced guides in safety and comfort—into the heart of polar bear country!



Newfoundland Circumnavigation


Newfoundland Circumnavigation 2019 & 2020


Explore Newfoundland at its most authentic: by sea! Daily excursions explore the island’s hidden treasures. Our engaging local guides will have you wanting to stay.



Atlantic Canada Explorer


Atlantic Canada Explorer 2020


Springtime on Canada’s east coast is a time of bloom and bounty. Explore highlights of Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Saint-Pierre—expedition style!



Mighty Saint Lawrence


Mighty Saint Lawrence 2020


The Gulf of St. Lawrence is Canada’s historic gateway. Nature and culture are outstanding. We’ll tour four provinces and the French island of Saint-Pierre! 



Heart of the Arctic


Heart of the Arctic 2020


South Greenland’s stunning coast. The communities of south Baffin. The islands of Ungava Bay. People, wildlife and landscape are the true Heart of the Arctic!




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Please note that registration forms are three pages and must be signed on both the first and second page. You are only required to send the first two pages back to us to complete your reservation.