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Nine Reasons to Visit Torngat Mountains National Park

Learn just some of the compelling reasons you should visit Torngat Mountains National Park in Nunatsiavut, northern Labrador. This special place remains a bit of a mystery to the world at large, but from prowling bears to soaring peaks, there’s plenty here you won’t want to miss.
Tornat mountains aerial

© Rob Poulton

For those who have had the pleasure, Torngat Mountains National Park ranks among the world's greatest places to visit. Why? Well, here's a quick primer on this incredible destination:

1. It's BIG! Torngat Mountains National Park comprises 9,600 square kilometres, basically forming the whole northern tip of Labrador.

2. You'll get a natural high. The Torngat mountain range includes the tallest peaks in eastern Canada. Mount Caubvick (also known as Mont D'Iberville) tops out at 1,652 metres.

Nachvak Fjord Torngat Mountains National Park 2

© Dennis Minty

3. There's no car camping. This is not a weekend getaway, but a true backcountry camping experience. There are no roads to the park, and no roads or designated campsites within the park, either. You camp the way people have done for thousands of years: by choosing a likely-looking spot and pitching a tent.

4. You can see for miles. The park lies above the treeline, so the terrain you'll see among the spectacular mountains is tundra, which means the views are always spectacular!

Nachvak Fjord Torngat Mountains National Park 1

© Dennis Minty

5. It's old! The precambrian rock that forms the Torngat Mountains is part of the Canadian Shield and is thought to have been formed several billion years ago.

6. Glaciers abound. There are more than forty active glaciers in the Torngats. Snowy peaks, crystal-clear streams, and waterfalls are the inevitable, gorgeous result.

7. Grin and bear it. Coastal Labrador is polar bear and black bear country. Fans of these mighty mammals stand a good chance of seeing them here along the coast. Not to mention caribou, peregrine falcons, whales, seals, and more Arctic char than you could ever eat, protected within park boundaries.

Torngat mountains polar bear

© Dennis Minty

8. You can watch the Aurora Borealis. The splendour of the Northern Lights, dancing across a crystal-clear night sky, is one of the Torngats' many heavenly attractions.

9. It's an ancient homeland. Torngat comes from tongait, which means "place of spirits" in the local Inuttitut dialect, and the land has been home to Inuit and their ancestors for thousands of years. Inuit of Nunavik and Nunatsiavut play a key role as partners in the management of Torngat Mountains National Park.