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  • Caol Ila cask

    © Ian Tamblyn

    Article | Scotland

    Peaty Seaweediness: A Non-Collector’s Account of Single Malt Scotches

    Lover of all things Scotch but never much of a successful collector, long-time guide, musician, host, and expedition leader Ian Tamblyn has visited Scotland countless times. Here he regales us with just about everything you might want to learn about Scotch whisky and gives personal recommendations about what to sample.

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  • Aurora borealis northern lights

    © Dennis Minty

    Article | Canadian High Arctic and Greenland

    Here’s Why the Aurora Borealis Will Leave Your Heart Glowing

    On our expeditions, you’ll trek stunning landscapes, witness exotic creatures, sample regional delicacies, swap stories with friendly locals, and get up close and personal with famous places. But there’s one experience that will blow your mind, despite remaining just out of arm’s reach: the silent, spooky, ethereal Northern Lights.

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  • Crows nest bar St Johns

    © Dave Paddon

    Video | Newfoundland and Labrador

    The Crow's Nest

    If Dave Paddon had only one night in St. John’s, Newfoundland, there’d be no question about how to spend it—a visit to the Crow’s Nest! Here he tells us about the club, shares a recent documentary about it, and teaches us the history of this special local haunt.

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  • Traveller admires hills of St Kilda

    © Dennis Minty

    Article | Scotland

    St. Kilda: A World Apart

    Now an abandoned, uninhabited archipelago, St. Kilda is rich in human history. Here, hearty “bird people” made a simple but fulfilling life until they were relocated in 1930. Having travelled there many times himself, beloved photographer Dennis Minty shares the fascinating history of St. Kilda's islands, people, and seabirds.

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  • Polar bear on nunatsiavut mountain

    © Dennis Minty

    Article | Newfoundland and Labrador

    Prowling with Bruins on Labrador’s Coast

    Whether stalking seals, napping in the sun, or sniffing curiously at Adventure Canada’s vessel, bears are a highlight of many of our journeys. And there’s no place we travel where bears are so diverse, common, and so peculiar in their habits as the coast of Labrador.

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  • Taste of place menu table setting

    Photo Story | Atlantic Canada, Sable Island and Gulf of Saint Lawrence

    Five Dishes You've Gotta Try from Tadoussac to Bonavista

    Gastronomic delights are a highlight of our Atlantic Canada expeditions and the Adventure Canada Taste of Place culinary program. From tourtière in Québec to moose stew in Newfoundland, these are five dishes (and beverage pairings!) that you shouldn’t miss in this tasty region of the world.

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  • Troll shaped rock Iceland

    © Jon Dudley

    Article | Iceland

    Born of Fire, Home of Trolls

    Iceland is often called the land of fire and ice, but what exactly does that mean? When geologist Jon Dudley travelled there, he was amazed by the country’s unique features. Here he explains how lava, glaciers, tectonic plates, and weather all combine to shape Iceland’s physical geography.

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