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Itinerary and Pricing Small-Ship Expedition Cruise
Greenland & Wild Labrador: A Torngat Mountains Adventure

September 17 to October 1, 2025

From $9,495 to $19,095 USD

per person based on double occupancy

Save 25% until May 23

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Greenland & Wild Labrador


Labrador with Adventure Canada


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  • Day 1: Kangerlussuaq, Greenland
  • Day 2: Kangerlussuatsiaq Fjord (Evighedsfjorden)
  • Day 3: Nuuk
  • Day 4: At Sea — Davis Strait
  • Day 5-8: Torngat Mountains National Park, NL, Canada
  • Day 9: Hebron
  • Day 10: Nain
  • Day 11-12: The Labrador Coast
  • Day 13: L'Anse aux Meadows
  • Day 14: Terra Nova National Park
  • Day 15: St. John’s, NL, Canada


  • Kangerlussuaaq fjord mountain

    © Scott Forsyth

    Day 1: Kangerlussuaq, Greenland
    Cross the Arctic Circle

    Begin your journey by sailing out of Kangerlussuaq Fjord (Søndre Strømfjord), a 190-kilometre-long fjord surrounded by mountains and glaciers. Cross the Arctic Circle on your way and spend time on deck watching for aurora borealis.

    Kangerlussuaq, the settlement at the head of the fjord, is a former US Air Force base.

    After your charter flight from Toronto, ON, you’ll transfer to the ship by Zodiac.

  • Evighedsfjorden ship bow

    © Dennis Minty

    Day 2: Kangerlussuatsiaq Fjord (Evighedsfjorden)
    Take a Zodiac Cruise at the Foot of a Glacier

    Kangerlussuatsiaq means “the rather big fjord” in Greenlandic, while the Danish name Evighedsfjorden translates to “the fjord of eternity,” underscoring its vastness and seemingly never-ending nature.

    See why Kangerlussuatsiaq Fjord lives up to its name and marvel at this complex coastal waterway that includes calving glaciers, sheer bird cliffs, and streams cascading against a towering mountain backdrop.

    Explore this sublime glacial landscape by ship and by Zodiac.

    The waters here are relatively warm, due to the West Greenland Current and the subarctic location.

  • Nuuk city line mountain

    © Scott Forsyth

    Day 3: Nuuk
    Visit Museums, Shops, and Cafés

    Stop in at vibrant Nuuk, the capital of Greenland.

    Visit the Greenland National Museum, one of the city’s many outstanding features, where the world-famous Qilakitsoq mummies rest.

    The old harbour includes many buildings dating from Danish colonial days, while contemporary Nuuk is known for art, shopping, pubs, and cafés.

  • John huston speaking while qulliq is lit

    Day 4: At Sea — Davis Strait
    Learn From Inuit in Their Homeland

    Deepen your understanding of the environment, cultures, and history of the region as we sail across the Davis Strait towards Labrador. Get the privileged opportunity to engage with and learn from Inuit in their homeland.

    Enjoy workshops and presentations, watch a documentary, and get out on deck! Try your hand at athletic feats during an interactive cultural performance of Inuit games.

    Through shared experiences and interactions, develop a deep appreciation for the culture and gain a profound connection to the stunning landscapes we traverse.

    Keep your binoculars ready to spot whales and seabirds who follow in our wake.

  • Panorama hike in torngat mountains

    © Dennis Minty

    Day 5-8: Torngat Mountains National Park, NL, Canada
    Hike the Mountainous Tundra and Spot Wildlife

    Spend four days exploring an area of treeless, mountainous tundra in Torngat Mountains National Park, where some of Canada’s highest peaks east of the Rockies are found.

    Enjoy your time hiking, visiting archaeological sites, and Zodiac cruising. Here, Inuit of Nunatsiavut will be your guides in their spiritual homeland.

    Inuit of Nunavik and Nunatsiavut play a key role as partners in the management of Torngat Mountains National Park.

    Many see the park as a portal for better understanding of Inuit culture. The word Torngat is derived from the Inuttut word tongait, meaning “place of spirits,” where Inuit shamans travelled to connect with higher powers. It is not hard, even for a visitor, to feel the power of the place.

    Also be on the lookout for marine mammals, polar and black bears, caribou, falcons, and eagles.

  • Hebron historical sites

    © Scott Forsyth

    Day 9: Hebron
    Ponder Poignant History

    Step back in time to the historical site of Hebron, which preserves a Moravian Mission station dating from the 1830s.

    Call in at the old church, which is where Inuit who resided here in 1959 learned they would be forced to relocate.

    Take a moment to read the plaque that commemorates this history and the apology to people affected by the relocations, issued by the government of Newfoundland and Labrador in 2005.

    Listen to the stories shared by our guides and meet former Hebron residents and their kin who continue to visit the site and to hunt and fish nearby.

  • Nain brass band welcome

    © Dennis Minty

    Day 10: Nain
    Experience Inuit Culture

    Visit Nain, the most northerly community in Labrador and the administrative capital of Nunatsiavut.

    Stop in at the historic Moravian church, enjoy the vibrant brass band, and visit Illusuak, the stunning cultural centre.

    Expect a warm welcome and the opportunity to peruse arts and handicrafts at this dynamic visit.

    This will be your first chance to see trees since the start of your journey!

  • Kayaking on labrador coast

    © Dennis Minty

    Day 11-12: The Labrador Coast
    Enjoy Hiking and Zodiac Cruises

    Explore the southern Labrador coast, where you’ll find a diverse geography of coastal barrens, high subarctic tundra, high boreal forest, mid-boreal forest, string bog, and islands.

    We’ll make the most of every opportunity to hike and Zodiac cruise alongside our expedition team. With their expert guidance, every step of your journey will be filled with insightful interpretation, allowing you to truly appreciate the beauty and significance of the landscapes you encounter.

    Choose the activity you prefer during expedition landings in this beautiful and quiet region.

  • Lanse aux meadows sod house

    © Dennis Minty

    Day 13: L'Anse aux Meadows
    Immerse Yourself in Viking Archaeology

    Wander through the reconstructed Viking habitation at L’Anse aux Meadows, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the only authenticated Norse settlement in North America.

    Learn more about the archaeological remains that date to approximately 1000 CE, and how—amazingly—the site was first found here in 1960 by a close reading of the Viking sagas.

    Be sure to visit the superb interpretation centre and meet the actors in period costumes as you make your way through the reconstructed Norse-style sod buildings. This is a must-see for any visitor to Newfoundland and Labrador!

  • Day 14 east newfoundland

    © Dennis Minty

    Day 14: Terra Nova National Park
    Marvel at Breathtaking Vistas in Terra Nova National Park

    Explore the wonders of Canada’s most easterly national park, where the land meets the sea in a stunning display of natural beauty.

    Make your way to the park’s visitor centre and dive into the mysteries of the ocean through touch tanks, marine exhibits, and aquariums. Located along the Newman Sound portion of the Terra Nova Migratory Bird Sanctuary, the visitor centre offers the perfect vantage point to spot fascinating shorebirds in their natural habitat.

    Take a stroll along one of the park's scenic trails accompanied by our expert expedition team who will offer interpretations of the surroundings. Marvel at the vibrant colours and intricate details of this extraordinary destination, where nature's power and beauty come together in perfect harmony.

  • Newfoundland the battery

    © Dennis Minty

    Day 15: St. John’s, NL, Canada
    Wave a Fond Farewell

    Welcome to St. John’s—the vibrant capital of Newfoundland and Labrador.

    Complete your journey by sailing into historic St. John’s harbour, looking out for Signal Hill as you enter the world-famous Narrows. Photograph the charming houses of the Battery, always a hit with shutterbugs.

    Say your farewells in this cultural hotspot and what is sometimes called North America's oldest city.

Pricing and Cabins

For a limited time, receive 25% off the berth cost! League of Adventurers Loyalty Rewards Program members receive an additional 5-10%.

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Ocean Endeavour Labrador

Ocean Endeavour

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  • Small-Ship Expedition Cruise

    Greenland & Wild Labrador: A Torngat Mountains Adventure

    September 17 to October 1, 2025

    From $9,495 to $19,095 USD

    per person based on double occupancy

    Save 25% until May 23

    Applies to berth cost only

  • Single Supplement: No single supplement on a limited quantity of cabins in categories 3 to 7!

    Once these cabins are sold, the single supplement fee is 1.5 times the berth cost.

  • Starts: Toronto, ON, Canada

    Ends: St. John’s, NL, Canada

  • Flights

    • Northbound Charter Flight: Toronto, ON, Canada to Kangerlussuaq, Greenland. Early-morning departure.

      Price: $1,450 USD

Inclusions and Exclusions


  • Passage aboard the Ocean Endeavour
  • Applicable taxes and credit card fees
  • Complimentary expedition jacket
  • Contribution to Adventure Canada’s Discovery Fund
  • Special access permits, entry, and park fees
  • Expert expedition team
  • Guided activities
  • Sightseeing and community visits
  • All Zodiac excursions
  • Port fees
  • Pre-departure materials
  • Educational program
  • Interactive workshops
  • Evening entertainment
  • All shipboard meals

Not Included:

  • Commercial and charter flights
  • Program enhancements/optional excursions
  • Gratuities
  • Personal expenses
  • Mandatory medical evacuation insurance
  • Additional expenses in the event of delays or itinerary changes
  • Possible fuel surcharges and administrative fees
  • Pre- and post-trip hotel accommodation


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    Free Single Supplement

    For those who prefer not to share, we have a limited quantity of cabins in category 3 through to category 7 with no single supplement! Once these cabins are sold, the single supplement fee is 1.5 times the berth cost. Single occupancy in categories 8–10 is available at full double-occupancy rates. Can be combined with the Multi-Trip Promotion, League of Adventurers Loyalty Rewards Program, and Early Booking Bonus. Subject to cabin availability.

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    Family Friendly

    Children four years old and younger pay only for charter airfare—and children two years and younger travel free! Children must be accompanied by a full-fare adult. Can be combined with the League of Adventurers Loyalty Rewards Program.

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Greenland & Wild Labrador


Published itineraries are examples only, weather, ice, government regulations, and community requests may necessitate changes to the planned schedules. These sometimes necessary adjustments present exciting opportunities for exploration, discovery, and adventure.