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Family Run, Friendly for All

Adventure Canada is a family business. We encourage a family feeling aboard—and family includes every generation.

We welcome all types of travellers aboard our expeditions! Our trips are suited for couples, families, and groups of all ages.

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Transformative Travel Experiences

At Adventure Canada, we’re big believers in the positive influence of travel on young people. The experience to explore any of the incredible places we travel to can have a life-changing effect on a young person. New friends can be made. New interests and hobbies can be discovered and nurtured, from glaciology to botany, from embroidery to archaeology, side-by-side with our approachable staff of experts.

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Perhaps most importantly, a new love and appreciation for nature can be fostered on the types of travel opportunities that Adventure Canada offers. Young people will be the inheritors of our future planet. Immersing them in spectacular natural spaces can make a big difference in their developing environmental consciousness and cultural awareness.

Educational Programming

Adventure Canada’s style of travel is easy-going, fun, and educational. Much of the onboard programming we offer can be enjoyed by kids (and kids-at-heart!), such as photography walks, interpretive hikes, painting workshops, or Arctic games.

What your family learns will depend on the region you choose to travel to with us, but how they learn, from our friendly and welcoming staff who are experts in their fields of study, will be impactful no matter the trip. In Iceland, listen to legends and sagas with Storyteller, Svanur. In Newfoundland, go on a foraging hike with Taste of Place Ambassador, Alexandra. In Nunavut, learn Inuktitut with Cultural Educator, Myna. The possibilities are plentiful!

Many of our evening programs are also fun for all ages—costume parties, dances, contests, trivia games, and movie nights! Our chefs create delicious foods that can cater to all tastes.

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Although we do not provide babysitting or childcare services on board, we do offer a selection of board games and cards, an extensive library with educational books, and televisions in the cabins. Young people are welcome to bring favourite activities from home and spread out in our ample lounge spaces on board the Ocean Endeavour when they’re not otherwise in use. Please note that children under the age of sixteen must be accompanied by and share a cabin with a full-fare adult aged eighteen or older.

Lasting Family Memories

Adventure Canada expeditions are the perfect way to celebrate major milestones in your family’s life, from birthdays to anniversaries, first jobs to retirements. Shannon McConnell travelled with her family on our Iceland Circumnavigation to celebrate her son’s high school graduation and wrote about her experience on the Mindful Explorer: A Family Trip to Remember.

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Save When You Book a Multi-Generational Family Holiday

Invite your aunts and uncles, siblings and cousins, and grandparents and grandchildren on your next family holiday with Adventure Canada. Families of all types and make-ups are welcome here.

We offer youth rates to help make a multi-generational trip a reality for your family! Children two years of age and under travel free, and children from two to four years of age only pay charter airfare (if applicable). Guests under thirty years of age save 30% off their berth costs. To learn more about our family-friendly promotions, please visit our Promotions and Incentives page.

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Client Testimonial

Janice Menezes travelled with her husband Surendranath Sanmugasunderam and their daughters, Paris, Allison, and Olivia on our High Arctic Explorer expedition. Here's what they had to say about their once-in-a-lifetime family adventure:

“Our family travelled this summer with Adventure Canada to the High Arctic. We wanted to have one last family adventure before university started and what an adventure it was. We were treated to polar bears, seals, walruses, icebergs, and some of the most pristine landscapes in Canada. The company focused on education and culture and made every effort to incorporate Inuit staff and visits with local communities. Our teenagers joined the kayak program and had an amazing time on the water among the floating ice.”

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“We were very impressed with Adventure Canada. It truly is a family company, and this is obvious in everything they do. We met many of the administrative staff who joined us on the journey with their own families. We loved that we were treated like one of the Adventure Canada family. We would highly recommend travels with Adventure Canada for families who want to travel to extraordinary destinations. We can’t wait to book our next adventure!”