Alexandra Blagdon - Taste of Place Ambassador

Alexandra Blagdon

Taste of Place Ambassador

Whether deep in the woods picking mushrooms or in a restaurant kitchen, Alexandra feels most at home in the culinary world. Sharing this passion brings her joy.

Alexandra grew up hiking the trails that wind along the coast of Newfoundland. Sundays were either spent picking berries with her grandmother, having boil-ups on the beach, or making bread with her mother. As long as Alexandra can remember, these memories of nature have been associated with her longing to become a chef.

With these wonderful memories Alexandra travelled the world in hopes of finding the same taste of place in other cultures. She searched European markets, climbed mountains on the west coast of Canada, and ate her way through New York City. However, she eventually realized the fire behind her devotion to preparing and sharing food was back in Newfoundland across the river on the east coast trail, where her patch of wild mushrooms and alder berries were waiting to be picked.

Alexandra created the Alder Cottage, a passion project in Tors Cove, Newfoundland. The cottage currently offers cookery classes, supper clubs, foraging series, and lots more! Here she gets to share her passion for food and nature, truly connecting the literal roots behind what makes a good dish—the true ingredients that ignite your passion.