Myna Ishulutak - Inuit Cultural Educator

Myna Ishulutak

Inuit Cultural Educator

Myna is an Inuk radio host, film maker, educator, and champion of Inuit language and culture retention.

Myna is both a very traditional and a very modern woman. She grew up on the land, in an outpost camp outside Pangnirtung until her late teens. During those years, her family lived off the land using only qulliit (seal oil lamps) for heat, light, and cooking. The vast majority of Inuit had already moved into communities, whereas her family remained on the land much longer, so Myna has a very valuable life experience that is uncommon for an Inuk as young as she is.

Myna Ishulutak

Currently, Myna is a highly-experienced Inuktitut language instructor with the Pirurvik Centre. Prior to joining Pirurvik, Myna worked in various positions with the Nunavut Arctic College; the Department of Culture, Language, Elders, and Youth (CLEY); the Department of Justice in Nunavut; and at the Fenbrook Institution in Gravenhurst, ON as a treatment program instructor. She has diplomas in Inuit Studies (Language and Culture Program) and Social Work from Nunavut Arctic College.

Myna has also taken a number of courses in video production and broadcasting and was a co-owner of Tajarniit Productions, a film company focusing on Inuit cultural documentaries and Inuktitut language film productions.

Myna's background on the land, along with her work and life experiences, give her a wonderful and powerful ability to work with elders and youth in a respectful, joyous way that brings out conversations of substance and importance.

Qipisa, her most recent film project, is an award-winning documentary about her life growing up on the land. Myna hosts a number of television shows for the Inuit Broadcasting Corporation, including the live phone-in show, “Qanuq isumavit?”. With every project, Myna loves to take opportunities to bring elders and youth together.