Svanur Thorkelsson - Storyteller, Poet

Svanur Thorkelsson

Storyteller, Poet

Svanur is a storyteller whose passions include the myths, legends, and sagas of Iceland.

Svanur (Swan) Thorkelsson is an Icelandic storyteller, poet, and bard. For the past twenty years, he has mostly worked in the travel industry in Iceland, but his work as a guide and a storyteller has also taken him to Greenland, Ireland, England, Israel, and South Africa.

Svanur has varied experiences in the performing arts. He has written and directed plays performed in Iceland and England. His first book of poetry was published in 1988 and his articles and writings have appeared in Icelandic newspapers and magazines. He has also hosted radio shows and been involved in the production of special events for television.

Just recently he completed recording the audiobook reading of Beowulf for Audible in the original old Anglo-Saxon language.

Svanur's passion has always been the rich legacy of Icelandic lore, legends, and the sagas. He has specialized in bringing them to life as he takes his fellow travellers exploring the magical landscape of his homeland.