Liz Carlson - Blogger

Liz Carlson


Liz is an author, travel writer, photographer, and internet storyteller. Her passions include plants, whale rescues, and strong coffee. She’s a big dreamer and a total bird nerd.

Liz runs one of the biggest travel blogs in the world, Young Adventuress. She is American but has been based in the mountains of Wānaka, New Zealand for the past decade. She is a writer and photographer, focusing on solo female travel, wildlife, and our connection to nature.

Liz is an adventurous person who loves spending time outside and enjoys reading and writing. Her passion for unusual houseplants is evident, as she has collected over one hundred of them (depending on whether her friends can keep them alive while she's away travelling). In fact, she even wrote a book about houseplants last year.

She works in conservation protecting endangered birds like kiwi and kākāpō, as well as helping to coordinate rescues of stranded whales and dolphins.

Her work and projects are often featured in media outlets like BBC Travel, The New York Times, National Geographic, Outside Magazine, and Forbes. Condé Nast named her one of the most powerful women in travel, and she’s won many writing and photography awards over the years.

She fell in love with the Arctic while working on projects in Finland and Svalbard. Since then, she’s worked in Antarctica, South Georgia, and the Falklands, along with the New Zealand subantarctic, the Snares, Auckland Islands, Campbell Island, and Macquarie Island.