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Itinerary and Pricing Small-Ship Expedition Cruise
Out of the Northwest Passage

September 1 to September 17, 2025

From $14,495 to $28,995 USD

per person based on double occupancy

Save 25%

Applies to berth cost only

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The Arctic Travel Experience



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  • Day 1: Kugluktuk (Coppermine), NU, Canada
  • Day 2–5: Kitikmeot Region
  • Day 6: Ikirahaq (Bellot Strait)
  • Day 7: Beechey Island
  • Day 8–9: Tallurutiup Imanga (Lancaster Sound)
  • Day 10: Ausuittuq (Grise Fiord), NU
  • Day 11: Smith Sound
  • Day 12: At Sea
  • Day 13–14: Northwest Greenland
  • Day 15: Ilulissat
  • Day 16: Sisimiut Coast
  • Day 17: Kangerlussuaq, Greenland


  • Sunset water clouds

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    Day 1: Kugluktuk (Coppermine), NU, Canada
    Begin Your Adventure

    Located at the mouth of the Coppermine River, Kugluktuk is the westernmost community in Nunavut. Known for many years as Coppermine, the community reverted to its original Inuinnaqtun name—meaning “place of moving waters”—on January 1st, 1996. Our charter flight will land in Kugluktuk and we will embark the ship by Zodiac.

    Iqaluktuuttiaq (Cambridge Bay), NU, is an alternate embarkation point, and may be used based on sea, ice, and weather conditions.

  • Ship sailing though passage

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    Day 2–5: Kitikmeot Region
    Sail the Northwest Passage

    Navigate the ice-strewn waters of this fabled waterway in search of wildlife. Although this is Nunavut’s least-populated region, wildlife abounds here both in the sea and on land.

    Visit a local community where Inuit hosts will share their knowledge of their home and the area's history.

    Discover the legacy of this important waterway and the captivating story of Roald Amundsen, who overwintered in the bay for two years while searching for the Northwest Passage. Learn more about the triumphs of explorers like Amundsen and the vital role that Inuit knowledge played in successful crossings.

  • Cloudy strait bellot

    Day 6: Ikirahaq (Bellot Strait)
    Witness the Most Northerly Point of Continental North America

    Discover the famed Bellot Strait, a narrow passage separating Somerset Island from the Boothia Peninsula. As we sail through this two-kilometre-wide waterway, get the unique opportunity to reach the northernmost part of mainland North America.

    Keep watch for an array of enchanting marine mammals from beluga whales to narwhals and seals

    Delve into the region's fascinating history and learn about Joseph René Bellot, French naval officer and Arctic explorer who joined an 1850s expedition in search for Sir John Franklin, who inspired the strait's namesake.

  • Historical landsite beechey

    © Steven Rose

    Day 7: Beechey Island
    Visit a Franklin Expedition Historical Site

    In 1845, Sir John Franklin set out from England with HMS Erebus and HMS Terror, attempting to sail through the Northwest Passage. His crew overwintered at Beechey Island, where three of his men died.

    Numerous search parties later used Beechey as a depot and rendezvous. Amundsen, Bernier, and Larsen visited Beechey. Thomas Morgan of HMS Investigator was buried here in 1854 alongside Franklin’s men. The graves and the ruins of Northumberland House are a haunting memorial.

  • Polar bear gulls on sea ice

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    Day 8–9: Tallurutiup Imanga (Lancaster Sound)
    Seek Whales, Seabirds, and Polar Bears

    We will spend ample time exploring Tallurutiup Imanga (Lancaster Sound), one of the newest National Marine Conservation Areas in Nunavut. Narwhal, beluga, and bowhead whales transit and feed in this area.

    Cruise by ship and Zodiac in search of wildlife with expert biologists and ecologists. Learn more about the crucial role Inuit play in conserving the vibrant biodiversity of these waterways and the enduring connection between the ocean and Inuit.

    On the northern border of Tallurutiup Imanga lies Devon Island, the largest uninhabited island on Earth at over 50,000 square kilometres. Flat-topped mountains, glacial valleys, and a substantial ice cap give Devon Island its unique character. We will hike the tundra, cruise a glacier face, and seek wildlife from the ship and on shore.

    Visit archaeological sites and the remains of an RCMP and Hudson's Bay Company site at Dundas Harbour.

  • Community houses view

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    Day 10: Ausuittuq (Grise Fiord), NU
    Experience Inuit Culture

    Ausuittuq means "place that never thaws." 1,150 kilometres above the Arctic Circle, Canada’s northernmost civilian community originated during the Cold War. In 1953, Inuit were relocated here by the Canadian government under false pretenses, with the aim of asserting Canadian sovereignty.

    We’ll be welcomed into the hamlet, where we will have a chance to meet members of the community, learn about their way of life, and hear their poignant stories.

  • Ice polar bear

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    Day 11: Smith Sound
    Reach Your Furthest North

    Smith Sound, an ancient Inuit travel route, divides Ellesmere Island from Greenland, and served as the main route for explorers and adventurers searching for the North Pole. Adolphus Greely, Sir George Nares, and Elisha Kent Kane all travelled these waters with varying degrees of success.

  • On board learning with joe Evyagotailak

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    Day 12: At Sea
    Learn From Inuit in Their Homeland

    On this exploration day, we’ll be making the most of what the wind, weather, and wildlife have to offer. Our expedition team will scan for polar bears, walruses, whales, seals, and seabirds as we go.

    This is an excellent time to enjoy workshops, watch a documentary, or get out on deck. Keep your binoculars ready for minke and humpback whales, as well as the seabirds that are sure to mark our passage.

    Indulge in the unique opportunity to learn from Inuit in their homeland, gaining a better understanding of the daily lives of the regions we visit. Enjoy cultural performances and maybe even participate in Inuit games, or sample country food.

    Through shared experiences and interactions, develop a deep appreciation for the region’s vibrant culture and gain a profound connection to the stunning landscapes we traverse.

  • Woman hiking the tundra

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    Day 13–14: Northwest Greenland
    Hike the Tundra

    We will explore stunning fjords that line the coast. Glaciers and icebergs abound here. In true expedition style, we will seek opportunities to hike, explore, and view wildlife as conditions allow.

    Whether you're setting foot on land, cruising by Zodiac, or out on the ship's deck, you'll have plenty of chances to learn alongside expert geologists, naturalists, and marine biologists. You'll gain an intimate perspective on the abundant flora and fauna you encounter.

    Take a moment to savour the tranquility and absorb the knowledge and stories shared by Inuit cultural educators, which will deepen your connection to this breathtaking landscape.

  • Ilulissat board walk

    © Steven Rose

    Day 15: Ilulissat
    Take a Cruise Around Towering Icebergs

    Experience the remarkable beauty of Ilulissat Icefjord, renowned for its enormous icebergs. Ilulissat means “iceberg”—an apt name for this site at the outlet of the Sermeq Kujalleq glacier. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the source of many of the icebergs in the North Atlantic.

    Marvel at the sheer grandeur of the towering ice formations as you take a stroll along the boardwalk—truly a sight to behold!

    Visit the town, with its museums, charming cafes, craft shops, and bustling fishing harbour. Be sure to make your way to the Ilulissat Icefjord Centre, where you can delve into the fascinating narratives surrounding the ice and gain a deeper appreciation for this awe-inspiring natural wonder.

  • Iceberg and sea ice

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    Day 16: Sisimiut Coast
    Witness Stunning Glaciers, Islands, and Fjords

    Explore West Greenland’s complex coastal waterways that includes glaciers, islands, and fjords against a towering mountain backdrop, with plentiful opportunities for hiking and Zodiac cruising.

    Learn about the Saqqaq, Dorset, Thule, and modern Inuit cultures that have called the Sisimiut region home for the past 4,500 years.

    The waters are relatively warm here, due to the West Greenland Current and the subarctic location.

  • Sailing though kangerlussuaq fjord

    © Michelle Valberg

    Day 17: Kangerlussuaq, Greenland
    Cross the Arctic Circle

    Kangerlussuaq Fjord (Søndre Strømfjord) is one of the longest fjords in the world and boasts 190 kilometres of superb scenery. We end our adventure by sailing up this dramatic fjord.

    Kangerlussuaq, the town at its eastern head, is a former U.S. Air Force base. Here we will disembark for our return charter flight to Toronto, ON.

Pricing and Cabins

This promotion is combinable with our Free Single Supplement and League of Adventurers Loyalty Rewards Program. Not combinable with any other offers or incentives. Applies to new bookings only.

Canadian residents may opt to use our in-house exchange rate (fixed quarterly) and pay for their voyage in Canadian dollars. Contact Adventure Canada or your travel advisor for more details.


Ocean Endeavour Labrador

Ocean Endeavour

Our spacious, ice-strengthened vessel features twenty Zodiacs, and advanced navigation equipment. A doctor, paramedic, medical clinic, and enhanced health regime offer peace of mind. Roomy facilities offer comfortable travel with plenty of breathing room for all.

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  • Small-Ship Expedition Cruise

    Out of the Northwest Passage

    September 1 to September 17, 2025

    From $14,495 to $28,995 USD

    per person based on double occupancy

    Save 25%

    Applies to berth cost only

  • Single Supplement: No single supplement on a limited quantity of cabins in categories 3 to 7!

    Once these cabins are sold, the single supplement fee is 1.5 times the berth cost.

  • Starts: Yellowknife, NT, Canada

    Ends: Toronto, ON, Canada

  • Flights

    • Northbound Charter Flight: Yellowknife, NT, Canada to Kugluktuk (Coppermine), NU, Canada. Early-morning departure.

      Price: $1,000 USD

    • Southbound Charter Flight: Kangerlussuaq, Greenland to Toronto, ON, Canada. Evening arrival.

      Price: $1,450 USD

Inclusions and Exclusions


  • Passage aboard the Ocean Endeavour
  • Applicable taxes and credit card fees
  • Complimentary expedition jacket
  • Contribution to Adventure Canada’s Discovery Fund
  • Special access permits, entry, and park fees
  • Expert expedition team
  • Guided activities
  • Sightseeing and community visits
  • All Zodiac excursions
  • Port fees
  • Pre-departure materials
  • Educational program
  • Interactive workshops
  • Evening entertainment
  • All shipboard meals

Not Included:

  • Commercial and charter flights
  • Program enhancements/optional excursions
  • Gratuities
  • Personal expenses
  • Mandatory medical evacuation insurance
  • Additional expenses in the event of delays or itinerary changes
  • Possible fuel surcharges and administrative fees
  • Pre- and post-trip hotel accommodation


  • Free Single Supplement Icon

    Free Single Supplement

    For those who prefer not to share, we have a limited quantity of cabins in category 3 through to category 7 with no single supplement! Once these cabins are sold, the single supplement fee is 1.5 times the berth cost. Single occupancy in categories 8–10 is available at full double-occupancy rates. Can be combined with the Multi-Trip Promotion, League of Adventurers Loyalty Rewards Program, and Early Booking Bonus. Subject to cabin availability.

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    Multi-Trip Promotion

    Receive 30% off the berth cost when you book more than one Ocean Endeavour expedition (excluding Antarctica) in the same calendar. Can be combined with the Free Single Supplement and League of Adventurers Loyalty Rewards Program.

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    Save 30% under 30

    Save 30% on the berth cost for travellers under thirty years of age. Can be combined with the Free Single Supplement and League of Adventurers Loyalty Rewards Program.

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    Family Friendly

    Children four years old and younger pay only for charter airfare—and children two years and younger travel free! Children must be accompanied by a full-fare adult. Can be combined with the League of Adventurers Loyalty Rewards Program.

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The Arctic Travel Experience


Published itineraries are examples only, weather, ice, government regulations, and community requests may necessitate changes to the planned schedules. These sometimes necessary adjustments present exciting opportunities for exploration, discovery, and adventure.