Julie Bernier - Assistant Expedition Leader, Expedition Team

Julie Bernier

Assistant Expedition Leader, Expedition Team

Naturalist, traveller, and adventurer, Julie’s enthusiasm and passion are contagious; she is excited to share her love and knowledge of the environment.

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Julie is originally from Lévis, Québec, and the St. Lawrence River’s shores have always been a place of adventures and discoveries for her. Julie’s love for nature and thirst of exploration has brought her up north of 60, where she called the Yukon wilderness home.

Julie graduated in biogeography from University of Quebec in Rimouski. She has participated in a variety of research projects, including the enumeration of stock of the pacific salmon on northern rivers, the behaviour of hoary marmot in the Yukon’s mountains, and camera trapping cheetahs and lions in Africa.

Like a lot of northerners, Julie possesses a versatile array of skills. She has worked as a wildlife technician, a guide, and in the film and dental industry. Always seeking new adventures or new berries patches, Julie also enjoy her quiet time at home in her off-the-grid cabin in the beautiful Yukon pine forest that she built with her partner.

Julie joined Adventure Canada in 2016 and fulfilled her lifelong dream of sailing in Arctic waters. She is looking forward to sharing her love of the polar world.