Brenya Green - Adventure Specialist

Brenya Green

Adventure Specialist

Brenya is a traveler with a passion for learning who believes that every destination offers unique lessons to each of its visitors.

Brenya is an intermediate traveler with an educational background in Community & Justice Services, a professional background in Harm Reduction & Social Justice, and a personal passion for tackling climate change.

Brenya considers herself an ally of the environment and pursues the unsteady journey of a minimally wasteful lifestyle. She brings this zeal to her working life as an imperative skill of appreciating the beauty that our world presents to us every day.

As an adventure specialist and expedition team member, her authenticity is key to helping those around her see the allure in venturing into areas not commonly travelled. You will soon find Brenya in Portugal, studying the country’s victorious 2001 drug reform. After that, she plans to visit Costa Rica to better understand their progressive conservation culture.

Until then, you can find Brenya on board knitting in the Aurora lounge, or saving the turtles—one plastic straw at a time.