Brenya Green - Junior Sales Lead

Brenya Green

Junior Sales Lead

Brenya is a traveller with a passion for learning who knows that every destination offers unique lessons to each of its visitors.

Brenya (pronounced Bren-AH) has an educational background in Community & Justice Services, a professional background in Harm Reduction & Social Justice, and a personal passion for our planet and the diversity of life that inhabits it.

Brenya etah

Brenya in Tasiusaq on the Out of the Northwest Passage expedition in 2018

Brenya's taste for adventure has led her from her hometown on the pastoral shores of the Grand River, across the globe, to the tropical forests of Costa Rica and the great fjords of Greenland. Throughout her travels, she maintains an open curiosity for people, their environments, and the culture that connects them.

For Brenya, a light pack leaves a light print. In other words, simplicity and minimalism are ideals that benefit both her internal and external worlds. Inner serenity and natural sublimity are fundamentally interconnected.