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  • Fair Isle hiking

    © Dennis Minty

    Photo Story | Scotland

    Ten Things Worth Writing Home About from Scotland Slowly

    Each Adventure Canada expedition holds its own unique itinerary highlights. Captivating history, vibrant culture, rich wildlife, and enchanting isles—especially those unreachable except by small ship—are what knock our socks off in Scotland. Read more about our ten picks for the top experiences of this trip of a lifetime.

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  • North Pole golf expedition

    © Everen Brown


    Golfing at the Top of the World

    Much has changed in the more than three decades since Adventure Canada’s founding. Long-time guest Everen Brown received a brochure in 1989 for a North Pole golf trip and couldn’t help but sign up! Here he recounts the record-breaking legacy trip and how he came to love expedition travel.

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  • Young girl watching ducks

    © Dennis Minty


    Photography, Our Children, and the Nature Crisis

    Some of Dennis Minty’s fondest memories are of camping trips with his children, but lately he’s noticed the alarming trend of youth spending far less time outside. In this thoughtful piece, Dennis reflects upon what will happen to our world and our health if we aren’t connected to nature.

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  • Caol Ila cask

    © Ian Tamblyn

    Article | Scotland

    Peaty Seaweediness: A Non-Collector’s Account of Single Malt Scotches

    Lover of all things Scotch but never much of a successful collector, long-time guide, musician, host, and expedition leader Ian Tamblyn has visited Scotland countless times. Here he regales us with just about everything you might want to learn about Scotch whisky and gives personal recommendations about what to sample.

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  • Marlis Butcher and Park Bagger book cover

    © Marlis Butcher

    In Brief

    Adventure Canada Recommends: “Park Bagger” by Marlis Butcher

    Long-time Adventure Canada client, explorer, and Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, Marlis Butcher’s new book, Park Bagger: Adventures in the Canadian National Parks will be published in April 2021. Park Bagger is an inspiring collection of thrilling personal adventures and stunning photographs sharing the incredible diversity and profound beauty of Canada’s national parks.

    Some of these adventures took place on Adventure Canada trips, as they provided Marlis with unique opportunities to access some of the country’s most remote parks. Park Bagger is now available for pre-order.

  • Zodiacs at Prince Leopold Island

    © Martin Lipman

    Photo Story

    How to Have a Splash (While Staying Safe and Dry!) on a Zodiac Excursion

    Although onboard life is delightful—with amazing entertainment, meals, camaraderie, and learning—it’s when we leave the ship that the true adventure begins. Here’s a handy guide to get you excited and prepared for Zodiac travel. (Don’t worry—we’ll walk you through these procedures many more times on your journey!)

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  • Rob Comeau rides in truck

    © Mark Edward Harris


    Creating Nunavut: Reflections from an Inuk

    Law student, Inuit advocate, and avid qajaq-er Robert Comeau shares his personal reflections as an Inuk living in Nunavut, now more than twenty years on since the creation of the territory. Along with celebrating such successes, Robert challenges readers to acknowledge historical and modern-day challenges faced by Inuit.

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