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  • Ellesmere island

    © Dennis Minty

    Photo Story | Northwest Passage

    Ten Incredible Experiences on Out of the Northwest Passage

    Each Adventure Canada expedition holds its own unique highlights. On Out of the Northwest Passage, we’re amazed by welcoming Inuit communities, far-northerly vistas, fascinating history, and aurora-viewing opportunities. Join us for this trip of a lifetime and tick these experiences off your bucket list.

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  • L Anse aux Meadows behind fence

    © Dennis Minty

    Article | Newfoundland and Labrador

    The Norse in Newfoundland

    L’Anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland is the only authenticated Norse settlement in North America, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Local Newfoundlander and professional photographer, Dennis Minty, shares this fascinating history with us—from Leif Eriksson and the Sagas to archaeologist Anne Stine who discovered the site, and beyond.

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  • Fjord of eternity

    © Danny Catt

    Expedition Journal

    Heart of the Arctic

    Jul. 18–Jul. 30, 2017

    And then—what’s the most-anticipated announcement on any Arctic trip? Polar bear. You might wait days or even weeks to hear it. So it almost felt too soon when those words crackled over the loudspeaker. “Bear ahead, port side, eleven o’clock.”

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  • Svanur Thorkelsson ghost story

    Video | Iceland

    The Deacon of Dark River: An Icelandic Ghost Story

    In this short video, storyteller and poet Svanur Thorkelsson tells and illustrates one of the most famous ghost stories in Iceland, The Deacon of Dark River, often told at Christmastime. The story features a deacon, his fiancée Guthrun, his horse Faxi, a ghost, and a sorcerer. We hope you enjoy!

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  • Morag Cameron Moss Tiree photo courtesy of An Iodhlann and Angus Munn

    © An Iodhlann & Angus Munn


    My Return to Tiree

    Archaeologist and historian Callum Thomson spent his childhood on the Isle of Tiree, the outermost of Scotland’s Inner Hebrides archipelago. In this personal recount, he describes life growing up there, teaches us more about Tiree, and recalls a visit to the island many years later on a Scotland Slowly expedition.

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  • Zodiac with perce rock

    © Dennis Minty

    Expedition Journal

    Mighty Saint Lawrence

    Jun. 25–Jul. 4, 2017

    It is the blessing of sailing down the Saint Lawrence, rather than driving the shores, that its many dramatic caps and cliffs can be witnessed in full view. The railings were lined with passengers as the Ocean Endeavour went by the cinematic cliffs of Forillon National Park.

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  • Anita stewart

    © Victoria Polsoni

    In Brief

    Honouring the Memory of Anita Stewart

    Since we learned of her untimely passing, tributes for Anita Stewart (CM) have been pouring in from across the country.

    We are blessed to have worked with Anita in the development and delivery of Adventure Canada’s Taste of Place program on our 2019 Newfoundland Circumnavigation.

    Janet Buchanan, an Adventure Canada guest who lives in Toronto, wrote to us, “I'm so glad to have had the privilege to meet Anita and get to know her a bit, after many years of just knowing her name and what she was doing for our country.”

    Anita, you are missed!