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  • Genevieve cote les poissons

    Video | Atlantic Canada, Sable Island and Gulf of Saint Lawrence

    Les Poissons: A Québécois Children's Song

    Kayak guide and Zodiac driver Gen Côté loves singing songs and nursery rhymes with her son, Samuel, en français. It’s important to her that he is raised bilingual and knows their culture. "Les Poissons" is a fun, maritime-inspired children’s song by Passe-Partout—a Québécois classic!

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  • David Pelly and Inuit elders Mackie Kaosoni and Frank Analok 2001

    © David Pelly


    The Ancestors Are Happy: The Story Behind the Book

    Author and cultural historian David Pelly’s latest book, "The Ancestors Are Happy," shares the oral histories of Inuit Elders from across Nunavut. Here, he tells us of the many journeys he took through the North, the people he met, and the stories he heard that inspired its writing.

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  • Guest polar plunge jump snow Arctic

    © Mark Edward Harris


    My First Polar Plunge

    Polar plunge. Penguin swim. Polar bear dip. Whatever you want to call it, it’s an experience you’ll never forget on an Arctic or Antarctic expedition! Here, Adventure Canada botanist, author, and artist Carolyn Mallory describes her one and only polar plunge, jumping into Baffin Bay off the coast of Greenland.

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  • Aaju Peter teaching Inuktitut workshop

    © Lee Narraway

    Photo Story

    Mind, Body, Heart, and Soul: Adventure Travel as Lifelong Learning

    Whether in the Arctic, Atlantic Canada, Europe, or Antarctica, the time you spend at sea on one of our small ships is the perfect complement to your time on shore. Cruise Director Ellie Clin shares the types of experiences that will educate, engage, and enlighten you in our onboard program.

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  • David Pelly Ancestors Are Happy

    In Brief

    Adventure Canada Recommends: “The Ancestors Are Happy: True Tales of the Arctic” by David F. Pelly

    Adventure Canada congratulates David Pelly on the release of his new book, The Ancestors Are Happy: True Tales from the Arctic. David is a long-time member of the Adventure Canada expedition team and, along with his wife Laurie, is the co-founder of the Ayalik Fund.

    The Ancestors Are Happy draws on David’s expertise collecting oral histories and traditional knowledge with Inuit elders. Paul Okalik, the first Premier of the territory of Nunavut, shares that, "David Pelly writes with respect and clarity, which allows the reader to learn in a truly honest and insightful way." Well done, David!

  • Guest polar dive swim Arctic

    © Dennis Minty


    Take the Polar Plunge

    There are few exploits as memorable and invigorating on an Arctic or Antarctic expedition as the legendary polar plunge. Not for the faint of heart, leaping into these frigid waters is a thrilling, rejuvenating, and envy-inducing bucket list experience that you’ll not soon forget.

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  • Aaju peters eating country foods

    © Dennis Minty

    Photo Story | Canadian High Arctic and Greenland

    Six Arctic Foods & Beverages You Don't Want to Miss

    The North is a culinary wonderland for adventurous eaters, and the opportunity to try both new and traditional Inuit foods is a highlight our expeditions. Cruise Director Ellie Clin shares six of her must-try personal favourites—meats, fish, fruit, and beans(!)—from this tasty region of the world.

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