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  • SATW Phoenix Award 2021

    In Brief

    Adventure Canada is a Phoenix Award Winner!

    Adventure Canada is humbled to announce we’ve been chosen as a recipient of the prestigious Society of American Travel Writers 2021 Phoenix Award, in recognition of our commitment to training, employment, and capacity building in Inuit Nunangat. Over 50% of our expeditions operate within Inuit homelands and we have a long history of working alongside Inuit to offer travel experiences that empower Inuit and grow understanding and compassion between cultures. One recent example is Jason Edmund's leadership of NALUNAIQSIJIIT: Inuit Cruise Training Initiative, established by the Government of Nunavut to increase numbers of Inuit working in the marine tourism industry.

  • Callanish standing stones Lewis Scotland

    © Dennis Minty

    Photo Story | Scotland

    The Standing Stones of Callanish

    The Isle of Lewis in Scotland is home to Callanish’s standing stones, one of the best preserved and most complete Neolithic monuments in Europe. The purpose, construction, and meaning of these megaliths may be a mystery, but one thing is certain—they are a must-see on a Scotland Slowly expedition!

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  • Happy guest with camera Ilulissat Greenland

    © Martin Lipman


    Ten Tips for Taking Expedition Travel Photos You'll Cherish

    Want to get an awesome snapshot of an adorable puffin, a sparkling blue glacier, a rustic fishing boat, or the delighted smiles of family and friends? Photographs make lasting and meaningful souvenirs. Here are ten tips for any enthusiastic amateur photographer to capture beautiful images on your next once-in-a-lifetime trip.

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  • Feature photo Francois Newfoundland vista

    © Dennis Minty

    Photo Story | Newfoundland and Labrador

    Francois, Newfoundland: Small Town, Big Spirit

    If you’re lucky enough to travel there, visiting the remote outport of Francois, Newfoundland is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you’ll never forget! Learn more about the real-life effects of the cod moratorium and kick up a jig at a kitchen party. Photographer Dennis Minty shares more in this photo story.

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  • Polar bear walking through snow

    © Dennis Minty

    Article | Canadian High Arctic and Greenland

    Coping with the Cold: Strategies of Arctic Birds and Mammals

    Arctic wildlife benefit from a variety of anatomical, physiological, and behaviour adaptations that make them well suited to life in cold environments. Camouflaging insulation, special digestive enzymes, and even the shape of their feet help them survive. Read on for more fascinating facts from photographer and wildlife biologist Dennis Minty.

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  • In My Time Stories from Labrador Elders

    Video | Newfoundland and Labrador

    In My Time: Stories of Labrador Elders

    Storyteller Dave Paddon and St. John’s Storytelling present this engaging narrative video from Labrador Elders. Hear the compelling tales of Jean Crane, Alex Saunders, Sarah and Gilbert Baikie, and Morris “Pop” Blake and imagine the dramatic cultural changes they’ve experienced during their lifetimes.

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  • Ellie Manitoulin Island trail


    What I Learned from Writing a Territorial Acknowledgement

    Territorial acknowledgements—paying homage to the traditional homelands where an event takes place or a structure is built—are one small way we can show respect to Indigenous peoples within Canada and around the world. Here, Ellie Clin shares what she learned from writing the territorial acknowledgement for Adventure Canada.

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