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  • Narwhal tail and tusk

    © Michelle Valberg

    Article | Canadian High Arctic and Greenland

    Narwhals: Mysterious Tusked Whales of the Arctic

    Learn the fables and facts about unicorns of the sea. Find out more about their habitat, characteristics, and why most scientists believe narwhals have tusks. Plus, get advice about the best ways to spot this elusive creature on your own Arctic expedition.

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  • The Lucky Ones

    Video | Canadian High Arctic and Greenland

    Top of the World: The Lucky Ones

    The graves of John Hartnell, William Braine, and John Torrington still rest on Beechey Island in the Arctic. Although there are many mysteries of Franklin’s Northwest Passage expedition left to uncover, is it possible that these three men held the luckiest fates, as the first of the crew to die?

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  • St Johns Avalon colourful houses

    © Michelle Valberg

    Photo Story |

    Five Colourful Towns You’ll Love Visiting in the Arctic & North Atlantic

    Who doesn’t love a beautiful rainbow photo backdrop? Start planning your next technicolour travel adventure with this guide to a few of our favourite colourful communities in the Arctic, Atlantic Canada, and northern Europe.

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  • Janet Read High Arctic ways of cloud and water oil on canvas

    © Janet Read

    In Brief

    High Arctic Light: A New Exhibition at the Heliconian Club of Toronto

    Janet Read is a painter and artist who grew up near the shores of Lake Simcoe, Ontario. She joined Adventure Canada’s 2018 Out of the Northwest Passage expedition and has been creating artworks that evoke the light and landscape of the High Arctic ever since. Learn more about how Janet’s expedition inspired her.

    This new exhibition will open on Saturday, May 7 from 1:00-3:00 p.m. EDT. For the rest of its run, it will be available to view by appointment or during Heliconian Club events.

    35 Hazelton Ave, Toronto, ON, M5R 2E3

    May 6 – June 1, 2022

  • Natalie Treadwell recent headshot

    © photo courtesy of Natalie Treadwell


    Where Are They Now? Young Explorer Natalie Treadwell

    Natalie Treadwell is an artist and cartographer from Anchorage, Alaska. She joined the 2016 class of Young Explorers on Adventure Canada’s Heart of the Arctic expedition. Learn more about Natalie’s artistic and academic successes since her time as a Young Explorer in this Q&A.

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  • The Top 10 Facts About the Arctic

    Video | Canadian High Arctic and Greenland

    Top of the World: Ten Facts About the Arctic

    What if everything you knew about the Arctic was wrong? From freshwater to the North Pole, polar bears to Santa Claus, watch this video for ten fun facts about this fascinating region that might surprise you.

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  • Havre Saint Pierre Quebec man with accordion

    © Danny Catt

    Article | Atlantic Canada, Sable Island and Gulf of Saint Lawrence

    On y va, en Français! A Guide to French for Beginners

    Want to learn a few phrases of French before you travel to Québec, Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, or elsewhere in Atlantic Canada? Learn how to say thank you, greet people, and ask simple questions with this helpful guide for true beginners.

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