Photo Story | Canadian High Arctic and Greenland

Eight Amazing Experiences on Baffin Island and Greenland: Circling the Midnight Sun

Each Adventure Canada expedition holds its own unique highlights. Find out more about the top eight experiences on this trip of a lifetime. Vibrant Inuit culture, incredible ice, rich history, and amazing wildlife will send shivers of excitement down your spine on this spectacular expedition.

At the top of the world, a whole different realm awaits, where the water is icy, and the night is bright. Journey through time, delving into a tapestry of rich history, art, and vibrant Inuit culture, forging deep connections along the way. Every step you take will reveal the very best that these breathtaking regions have to offer.

Qulliq lighting with Maria Merkuratsuk on Ocean Endeavour

© Dennis Minty

1. Travel through Inuit Nunangat alongside Inuit

Experience the extraordinary privilege of journeying through Inuit Nunangat—the ice, water, and lands of Inuit. As honoured guests in the Inuit homeland, take the unique opportunity to learn from Inuit and forge a meaningful connection with both the people and places we visit.

Try your hand at Inuit games, sample country food, visit a local hamlet, or simply walk the tundra with Inuit expedition team members. They'll share their homeland with heartfelt passion.

Myna Ishulutak wearing the “Pang” hat

© Steven Rose

2. Experience Pangnirtung’s rich artistic traditions

Just a hop, skip, and jump below the Arctic Circle lies the charming community of Pangnirtung—or “Pang” as locals call it. Prepare to be mesmerized as you immerse yourself in Inuit art and the rich artistic traditions that define this remarkable place.

You'll see why this hamlet has gained international acclaim as you wander through the Uqqurmiut Inuit Arts Centre. Step inside the print and weave shop where talented Inuit artists create beautifully woven tapestries and prints. Even get the opportunity to check out the world-famous “Pang” hats—colourfully patterned crocheted toques!

Cumberland Peninsula walking

© Dennis Minty

3. Spend two fun-filled days exploring the Cumberland Peninsula

Every moment spent exploring this stunning region will become your absolute favourite. Your adventurous spirit will thrive as we seize every opportunity to hike across the vast tundra and cruise the icy waters in a Zodiac.

Intrigue awaits as we venture into Cumberland Sound, whose profuse wildlife sustained Inuit and their predecessors for thousands of years. This location was even considered a potential missing link in the early search for the Northwest Passage. Sail through the marine-rich waterway learning from our expert expedition team and gaining a deeper understanding of its past and present significance.

Be sure to hold onto your hats (or rather, your binoculars!) as we explore—you never know what incredible wildlife we might encounter along the way!


© Michelle Valberg

4. Take it easy with local wildlife

Marvel at the diversity of wildlife all around these beautiful vistas. On the cliffs, murres and guillemots nest by the countless thousands. On the land, foxes watch us from the outcrops, muskoxen trample the tundra, and walruses patrol the bays. And on the drifting ice floes? Keep your binoculars ready for seals and the white bears that love to feed on them.


© Dennis Minty

5. See icebergs bigger than you ever imagined—all while sipping a latte

Ilulissat means “icebergs.” The name says it all. Beside this renowned town of 4,700 people is Sermeq Kujalleq (Jakobshavn Glacier), the busiest glacier in the Northern Hemisphere, spewing 20 billion tonnes of ice per year into the local waterfront. Appropriately, this is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, not to mention Greenland’s top tourist attraction. Tour amongst the skyscraping bergs (often accompanied by humpback whales!), peruse the local museums and shops (sealskin chic!), and dine on distinctive Greenlandic fare (muskox burgers anyone?).


© Dennis Minty

6. Explore the west Greenland coast, where the Arctic is sublime

Everything about Greenland’s geology owes its existence to ice. Inland is the greatest ice sheet in the Northern Hemisphere. Along the coast are a labyrinth of fjords, the product of eons of grinding ice—much of it still sparkling in the cirques. And at sea? If you’re lucky you might spot bobbing bergs, sailing to who-knows-where. Explore this glittering land and seascape by ship, Zodiac, or on shore. Make sure your camera has a spare memory card, because you might just fill it up!

Woman taking a photo of an iceberg

© Danny Catt

7. Cross the Arctic Circle in west Greenland’s greatest fjord

Sailing up Kangerlussuaq Fjord (Søndre Strømfjord) is a true polar pleasure. A whopping 190 kilometres long but just two klicks wide, this remarkable seaway is flanked all along by frosted peaks and glaciers. En route you’ll cross the Arctic Circle—an achievement few travellers can claim. And at the end of it all is humble-but-historic Kangerlussuaq. Once a United States air base key in fighting the Nazis, it’s now Greenland’s main international airport. Look for muskoxen, scruffy trees, and several fine souvenir shops around the airport terminal.

Northern Fulmar

© Dennis Minty

8. Sail historic Davis Strait, a crossroads of whalers, Inuit, and explorers

For at least a millennium, this shivering sea has united Europe and Arctic North America. Inuit travel here, as did Vikings, Scottish whalers, explorers like Franklin and Amundsen, and more. On the outer decks, keep your eyes peeled for pilot and sperm whales, seabirds, and fantastical icebergs.