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Les Poissons: A Québécois Children's Song

Kayak guide and Zodiac driver Gen Côté loves singing songs and nursery rhymes with her son, Samuel, en français. It’s important to her that he is raised bilingual and knows their culture. "Les Poissons" is a fun, maritime-inspired children’s song by Passe-Partout—a Québécois classic!

Lyrics and translation:

Les poissons barbotent,
Les poissons gigotent,
Les poissons vivent dans l’eau.

Dans le fond du lac,
Font des flique flaque,
Sur le ventre et sur le dos.

Au fond de la rivière,
Y a pas de lumière.
Les poissons voient clair dans l’eau.

Dans le fleuve immense,
Tous les poissons dansent,
Et passent sous les bateaux.

Dans la mer verte,
Font une trempette,
Oh là là comme il fait beau!

The fish wriggle,
The fish splash around.
Fish live in water.

In the bottom of the lake,
They flip back and forth,
On their stomachs and on their backs.

At the bottom of the river,
There is no light.
Fish see clearly in the water.

In the immense river,
All the fish are dancing,
And pass under the boats.

In the green sea,
They make a dip.
Oh my, how nice!

About the Author

Geneviève Côté

Geneviève Côté

Kayak Guide

Originally from Québec, Gen moved north more than a decade ago in search of great winter conditions and ended up falling in love with all northern seasons.

She possesses a versatile array of skills, from being an instructor in white-water canoeing, kayaking, and snowmobile safety to dog mushing, finishing carpentry, and event coordination for the Slave River Paddlefest.

Gen describes herself as crafty and energetic and loves bringing a flair for adventure to the Zodiacs she drives aboard expeditions.