Mighty Saint Lawrence 2022 Map


  • Percé Rock Zodiacs 1

    © Dennis Minty

    Cruise Percé Rock by Zodiac for unbeatable views

    Take a Zodiac cruise around the spectacular geological wonder of Québec’s Percé Rock, famous all around the world.

    Visit nearby Bonaventure Island, where hundreds of thousands of seabirds breed and nest. Watch for playful seals and whales in the waters nearby.

  • Man With Accordion

    © Danny Catt

    Explore the history and culture of French Canada

    Appreciate the diversity of French cultures in this region, from Québec through the Acadian-influenced Maritimes, to European Saint-Pierre! Music, dancing, folktales, cuisine—the Gulf of Saint Lawrence reveals its heritage in so many ways!

    Travel in the company of our bilingual guides, listen to songs and stories unique to French Canada, and enjoy optional French programming aboard.

  • TOP dinner

    © Victoria Polsoni

    Delight in the flavours of our Taste of Place culinary program

    Savour local dishes and meet the fishers and growers who make it happen through Adventure Canada's signature Taste of Place culinary program.

    Sample delicacies from around the region, from Québécois tourtière to PEI mussels and Newfoundland moose stew. Eat to your heart’s content while supporting local, sustainable, and regenerative food systems.

  • Whale Saint Lawrence 1

    © Dennis Minty

    Spot whales and seabirds in the rich waters of the Gulf

    Learn how to spot and identify the thirteen species of whales found in the waters of the region by trained marine mammalogists. The southernmost population of belugas feeds at the mouth of Saguenay Fjord, and even blue whales, the largest animals in the world, are found in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence.

    Enjoy birdwatching, too, for gannets, puffins, razorbills, auks, and more.

  • Saint Pierre 11

    © Dennis Minty

    Get a taste of Europe on the French island of Saint-Pierre

    Marvel in the colourful town of Saint-Pierre while you wind through the charming streets lined with shops, houses, and cafés.

    A taste of Europe just off the shores of Newfoundland, the islands of Saint Pierre and Miquelon are the last of France’s official colonial presence in North America.