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Adventure Canada offers unparalleled expedition experiences. By hosting a group with us, your clients will have incredible opportunities to connect with culture, nature, and wildlife.

When you work with us, your specialty group will have an exclusive signature experience, while still enjoying a strong involvement with the larger expedition cohort.

We take pride in ensuring the highest level of customer service.

Here are a few examples of what we can accommodate:

  1. Daily private receptions and presentation rooms
  2. Hosted tables at mealtimes
  3. Exclusive excursions and ship-board tours (galley, bridge etc.)
  4. Designated program coordinators
  5. Guest lecturer or presenter to join the expedition to enhance the program

Your clients can expect to:

  • Grow their passion for exploration and develop their understanding of nature and wildlife
  • Immerse themselves in local culture, traditions, food, song, and dance
  • Travel with world-renowned experts, who specialize in the sciences, humanities, arts, and entertainment

Our pioneering approach to expedition cruises and small-group experiences emphasizes wildlife, culture, learning, and fun.

We are dedicated to familiarizing ourselves with your needs and goals, and how Adventure Canada can best help achieve them. Get in touch with us today to start working on your custom group experience.