Donatella Barbera - Expedition Medic

Donatella Barbera

Expedition Medic

A mountaineer, traveller and adventurer, Donatella loves life in contact with nature.

Donatella is originally from Italy, from an area at the foot of the Alps. She started climbing and mountaineering as a youngster and hasn’t stopped since. She qualified as a doctor and became a surgeon, specializing in cancer treatment. She has a day job as a colorectal consultant in a governmental hospital in the UK.

She loves the outdoors: climbing on rocks and ice, skiing, trekking, cycling, and trail running.

She likes travelling and discovering different cultures. She speaks English, Italian, Spanish, and she is learning French.

She has recently travelled to Antarctica and fell in love with the ice and penguins there. This is her first season in the Arctic and Donatella is very eager to discover the amazing region with Adventure Canada.