Cedar Swan - CEO, Host

Cedar Swan

CEO, Host

Cedar is passionate about community and exploration. She revels in experiencing the world through story, song, local food, and losing herself in wild spaces.

An adventurer and passionate outdoor enthusiast, Cedar believes in the importance of connections to nature in one’s daily life. The CEO of Adventure Canada—as well as an expedition planner, leader, and guide—Cedar’s work engages, entertains, and educates by connecting people to each other and the land through innovative travel experiences. By focusing on travel to Arctic and sub-Arctic environments, Cedar is actively involved in exploring new northern routes, documenting new discoveries, and monitoring existing sites of historic and cultural importance.

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Cedar believes that fostering connections to people and land is critical to the longevity of conservation work, and is dedicated to cultivating meaningful relationships that strengthen our ties to nature and each other. Above all, Cedar is fiercely committed to the regions and communities to which Adventure Canada travels, and works tirelessly to promote and advocate for their needs.

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At the helm of Adventure Canada’s operation, Cedar delights in sinking her teeth into the challenges and opportunities presented by running a fast-growing business. She’s always on the lookout for likeminded organizations and strategic partnerships to help enhance and advance the Adventure Canada ethos.

Cedar has grown up surrounded by the world’s foremost adventurers and explorers, and now proudly carries on the work her father started while leading Adventure Canada. She is a founding member of Canadian Women for Nature, a fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, a member of the Explorers Club, and sits on the board of directors for both ArcticNet and Project North. In 2018, Cedar was named one of Canadian Traveller’s Top 40 Under 40 travel professionals. In 2020 Cedar was awarded the Citation Of Merit from The Explorers Club Canadian Chapter.

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Cedar lives in Port Credit, ON with her two young daughters, and her husband Jason. Like their mother, Charlotte and Islay are growing up on expedition ships and singing at the onboard talent show. Their spirit and passion for the world’s wild places never ceases to be a source of inspiration to Cedar.­