Adam Ruzzo - Musician, Expedition Team

Adam Ruzzo

Musician, Expedition Team

Adam is a long-time musician with an eclectic performing background, an avid traveller, and passionate about all things history and culture!

Adam has been performing for audiences for the last eighteen years in a wide variety of venues across Canada—from a resident musician at The Royal York Hotel in Toronto and Historic Steamships in Muskoka to venues in Newfoundland, Whitehorse, and Yellowknife, to expedition cruises in the Arctic. Along with a master’s degree in classical guitar performance from the University of Toronto, he has six albums of original music under his belt, all inspired by people and places off the beaten path around Canada.

He has actively pursued the paths of original singer/songwriter music, traditional folk music, and classical music. His original music has landed him a spot as a guest speaker for a TEDx Talk and his classical guitar performance won him first place in Canada at the FCMF National Music competition. When he performs for audiences, he shares an extensive repertoire of crowd favourites—everything from CCR to Sea Shanties—and believes that the power of music can create lifelong memories for the people he performs for.

Aside from music, Adam is also highly experienced in outdoor skills. He built his own log cabin from scratch and lived there off the grid for years, he completed a seven month long primitive skills training apprenticeship during which he slept in a survival shelter full time, he has worked at several wilderness lodges around the country—including one the Northwest Territories—and he has worked as a backcountry warden for Ontario Parks. His life these days revolves around writing and recording his albums and adventure travel!