Important Booking Information

Health & Safety Advisory

As we approach our 2020 summer sailing season, Adventure Canada is closely monitoring the development of the Coronavirus 2019-nCoV outbreak. We are acting immediately in response to evolving health concerns to ensure the health and well-being of our clients and crew.

The health and safety measures we are implementing throughout our operation reflect the best practices and guidelines set forth by the World Health Organization (WHO), Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), and the Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators (AECO).

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Weather, ice, government regulations, and events beyond our control may necessitate changes to the itineraries and/or the cancellation of certain shore excursions. There may be a planned alternate for your route—please inquire at the time of booking. In the event of itinerary changes, passengers are not entitled to any refund or other compensation. Should the tour be interrupted for any reason, repatriation costs and expenses relating to prepaid travel expenses will be at the sole cost of the traveller.

There will be no refund for any portion of the tour already taken. Passengers should purchase full travel insurance coverage and refundable air/train tickets. Expedition fees are based on group participation. Should you choose not to take part in any activity or make use of services provided, no refund will be given. Vessels and dates are subject to change.

Discovery Fund

Each area we visit has rich cultural experiences and wild treasures to offer. As guests, we have made a point of sourcing and supporting local projects in the areas through which we travel. An included contribution from each tour fare is given to national, regional, and grassroots endeavours that support educational, environmental, and cultural initiatives in these regions.

How to Register

To register for an Adventure Canada tour, each participant must complete a registration form and return it to our office with your deposit.

Tour Fares

Prices are based on exchange rates and tariffs in effect at the time of publication (December 2018) and are subject to change without notice. Once the deposit has been received, changes will not be made to the base price. No refund will be given if costs are reduced. Adventure Canada reserves the right to amend all or part of any tour price for any reason including, without limitation: increased fuel costs, airfares, airport charges, or increases in ground operator service fees.

If the price increase is more than 7% (except increases resulting from an increase in retail sales tax or Federal Goods and Services Tax or Harmonized Sales Tax) the customer has the right to cancel the contract and obtain a full refund. Quoted tour fees are based on group participation. Occupancy is based on specific cabin types which can vary from vessel to vessel. Please see the Solo Travelling section for single occupancy options.

Charter/commercial airfare is not included in the berth price. Please refer to the trip inclusions and exclusions listing for full details.


International programs and expedition cruise tour fares are priced in US dollars and are per person, per voyage.

Although we are a Canadian company, most of our expedition cruise operating costs are paid in US dollars. For this reason, our shipboard tours are priced in US dollars. This allows us to offer a more stable tour fare throughout the year, with less fluctuation in cost. We will accept Canadian dollars based on an incentivized exchange rate.

Payment Policy

International programs and expedition cruise tour fares are priced in US dollars and are per person, per voyage. A $1,000 USD deposit per person is required to register.

Canadian land-based tour fares are priced in Canadian dollars and Canadian taxes apply and are per person, per voyage. A $1,000 CAD deposit is required to register.

Please review our Payment & Cancellation Policy for a full outline of our payment details and cancellation terms.

Single Travellers

Adventure Canada trips are for everyone—and we offer different pricing options for solo travellers to ensure that everybody feels welcome aboard!

Your Personal Information

Adventure Canada collects personal information from our passengers via secure online account. You are required to provide select medical and personal information, as well as acknowledgement of select liabilities. Personal information is collected for crew and passenger safety reasons, and by signing up for an adventure, you consent to the collection of the personal information. You may refer to our Privacy Policy.

Prior to your trip, you will be emailed instructions for accessing your online profile through Adventure Canada’s website. Please follow the instructions in the email to gain access to your profile. Your profile contains fields for personal details, emergency contact numbers, medical details, dietary information, travel insurance, and other resources. See below for more details. Completion of this profile IS A PREREQUISITE TO TRAVEL WITH ADVENTURE CANADA. Your profile is private, protected, and confidential.

Passport and Visas

Activity Level

Adventure Canada endeavours to accommodate all passengers, subject to the specific itineraries and terrain of our excursions, vessels characteristics and accommodations. Adventure Canada tours necessitate that passengers be in reasonably good health.

Zodiac cruises and transfer times can be lengthy. You must be able to climb stairs between decks on the ship. You must also be able to climb the external gangway stairs to transfer between the ship and the Zodiacs. Our expedition team and ship crew are available to assist you in and out of the Zodiacs, both on shore and at the gangway. Adventure Canada expeditions may involve extensive walking in variable weather conditions over sometimes sandy or uneven terrain. Wherever possible while on shore excursions, we break into smaller, guided groups according to interest and physical ability.

This may mean one small group going off on a strenuous, two-hour hike on steep terrain, while another explores the area in and around the landing beach, keeping to relatively level terrain and short distances. Generally speaking, once a few people are ready to return to the ship, the Zodiacs are usually available to take you back at the time of your choosing. To inquire about whether our adventures are suitable for you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Special Accommodations

Adventure Canada is committed to extending a high level of customer service to all travellers, including people with disabilities. Please contact our Client Services Team at time of booking to discuss your needs, and how we can best assist you.

Zodiac Craft

Zodiacs are the favoured means of transportation for shipboard expeditions and, indeed, wherever shallow waters and beaches ring the shoreline. They are stable, versatile craft that cruise at approximately four knots; in windy weather they can make for rather splashy rides. Wet gear is mandatory for any Zodiac tender, and Zodiac drivers are authorized to refuse embarkation to anyone inappropriately attired.

Life preservers are absolutely compulsory and will be provided. Zodiac landings will generally entail disembarking onto rocky or gravelly beaches. The beach landings may be wet, meaning that there may be some spray en route to shore, and that you may have to step into water up to 25 centimetres / 10 inches deep.

Medical Facilities

Passenger safety is of utmost importance to us. This expedition is intended for persons in good health, and thus our tours may not be suitable for those who are not fit for long trips for any reason, including disability, heart, or other health conditions. Should any such condition become apparent, or should passenger safety become a concern, we reserve the right at our sole discretion to decline embarkation prior to the commencement of the tour or to disembark passengers prior to the completion of the tour.

Our vessel is not equipped to handle serious medical conditions. Medical and Emergency Evacuation insurance is mandatory. If you require specific medications, please ensure that you bring a supply adequate to last you for the duration of the journey and take care to properly pack them to ensure safe transport. Once aboard ship, we will be travelling in remote communities where prescriptions cannot be replaced.

Select vessels have an onboard doctor; should you require the doctor's services, a consultation and treatment fee will apply. Any charges will be debited to your onboard account. To inquire about whether our tours are suitable for you and your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Please ensure that any commercial airfare purchased is changeable or refundable. You will be required to meet Adventure Canada representatives at our point of departure.

Adventure Canada is not responsible for missed connections after a trip due to late charter flights or changes / delays / interruptions in the ship’s intended itinerary, and will not reimburse you for rebooking fees or any new ticket charges incurred.