An Inuk Perspective on Urban Living

Watch this educational video presentation to hear about one Inuk woman’s personal perspective about living in southern Canada, away from her ancestral homeland. Learn more about the various reasons why Inuit may move south to urban centres and how they maintain strong ties to their culture.

About the Author

Heidi Langille

Heidi Langille

Cultural Educator

Heidi Langille is a proud urban Inuk with family roots in Nunatsiavut (the Inuit homeland of northern Labrador). She is a mother, cultural educator, throat singer, and Inuit games demonstrator.

Heidi is one of the founders of the Ottawa Inuit Children’s Centre, now called Inuuqatigiit Centre, which empowers Inuit families in Ottawa through culture-based programming and services.

In 2010 Heidi was recognized as one of twelve National Aboriginal Role Models across Canada by the National Aboriginal History Organization.