The Spirit Of Exploration

© Mike Beedell

The Spirit of Exploration

At Adventure Canada, we make learning fun, deepening our cultural connections and our scientific understanding of the world's farthest-flung regions. We revel in the feeling of being at the edge of the Earth—in the company of those who can help us appreciate its wonder.

The spirit of exploration is what draws us to visit places seldom seen, off the beaten trail—even off the map! That means visiting new places as often as possible. It means travelling with experienced experts, and local cultural ambassadors. It means trying local languages, appreciating local customs, watching local art being made, purchasing handicrafts. It means getting to know the folks who call the place home.

Inuit Artist Leonie Auluk

© Kristian Bogner

Inuit artist Leonie Auluk shares her techniques with a visitor during a community stop in Gjøa Haven, Nunavut

The spirit of exploration might mean trying your hand at throat-singing in Nunavut, or tasting a fine whisky in the Orkney Isles. It might mean climbing Brimstone Head in Newfoundland, or hiking Bald Dune on Sable Island. It might be cruising among Greenland’s icebergs by Zodiac, or visiting the wildlife of the Galapagos Islands, or Antarctica, or parts unknown.

People In Zodiac Sable Island

© Michelle Valberg

Zodiac cruising off Sable Island

Our onboard programming is built to complement the regions we visit. Scientists, artists, culturalists, historians, archeologists, researchers, musicians, poets, photographers, and filmmakers are our guides. We travel with eyes, and ears, and hearts wide open!

Onboard Lecture

© Dennis Minty

Onboard lecture by archaeologist Latonia Hartery

As explorers, we are privileged to be allied with the Explorer’s Club, the world’s foremost organization focused on exploration. Through our relationship with Parks Canada, we have had privileged access to new discoveries, such as the Wrecks of HMS Terror and Erebus National Historic Site.