Walruses Power Of Nature

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The Power of Nature

We believe that nature has the power to humble, inspire, and move us profoundly. Connection with nature makes us better people. That’s why Adventure Canada is dedicated to appreciating the wonders of nature sustainably—in some of the world’s most beautiful places.

Travelling by ship, and in small specialty groups, allows us to visit small communities without drawing upon their precious resources, or to enter fragile environments—such as national parks, bird sanctuaries, and marine protected areas—and leave them undisturbed. We adhere strictly to all guidelines regarding wildlife and wild areas.

Photography, ice cruising, guided hikes, botany, birding, and wildlife spotting are all a key part of Adventure Canada’s commitment to learn about the regions we visit. Equally important, though, is the opportunity to immerse ourselves in an understanding of the natural world.

Traveler Taking A Photo Of Paffins

We travel with local guides, knowledge-keepers, and wildlife experts, as well as top-level scientists, naturalists, and researchers. Our goal is to engage and educate our clients about the wild places and wild species of the regions we visit—and to build relationships with the people who call these regions home.