The Expedition Leader

The Expedition Leader manages all activities during Adventure Canada expeditions. They oversee the safety of the Adventure Canada staff and passengers to ensure a seamless operation for all. The EL will work with the Core Team to provide leadership and guidance during challenging decisions. Working with the Expedition Team, the EL will manage all Zodiac, bear safety and firearm operations to provide a safe experience for passengers during onshore excursions.

The Expedition Leader will work with the Cruise Director to synchronize the onboard and onshore programming. They will communicate any changes to the itinerary made to the Cruise Director to provide necessary information to the passengers and staff. The Expedition Leader Works closely with the Captain, bridge staff and Assistant Expedition Leader to determine the best itinerary for the expedition while managing all challenges that may arise. The Expedition Leader communicates all zodiac cruising and onshore excursion information to the passengers in a clear and friendly manner.

  • Manages programming and scheduling for off vessel excursions, and communicates this to the guests and crew in an easy to understand, timely and well documented manner.
  • Assignment of Duties- Operations office team will provide a preliminary duties list that the CD and EL can modify based on trip needs.
  • Ensures all activities follow safety policies put in place by the vessel’s officers and from within Adventure Canada’s Standard Operating Procedures.
  • In conjunction with the Cruise Director – the EL oversees the execution of the daily program.
  • Responsible for the delivery of timely departures/arrivals, safe and informative excursions, professional and educational interpretation in the field, zodiac operation and firearms maintenance.
  • Supervises, trains, schedules, coaches and formally evaluates ALL Expedition Staff staff in conjunction with the.
  • In conjunction with the Assistant Expedition Leader manages all administrative tasks assigned to the Expedition department including: Maintaining permit requirements, bike, bear, and zodiac safety orientations, completing the expedition daily report, reporting to the Adventure Canada operation department in Mississauga.
  • Liaise with the ship’s Captain, Safety Officer and Boatswain to safely, effectively and efficiently load and unload passengers into zodiacs.
  • Communicates with the vessel’s officers and Adventure Canada operations regarding routing, destinations, embarkation/disembarkation, changes in itinerary and other special circumstances.
  • Oversees the scouting of potential landing sites.
  • Maintains professional demeanor with guests, crew, staff, agents, officials, and the public.
  • Maintains communication with the AC office and updates changes to the schedule and program.
  • Works with the Captain and bridge staff to discuss ice movement, tide and other circumstances related to the ships navigation.
  • Communicates with Cruise Director and gangway team to relay necessary information from shore to ship.


  • Minimum of Three Years’ experience as an Arctic Expedition Leader on an Expedition Cruise Vessel larger then 150 passengers
  • A University Degree
  • STCW Basic Safety Training Certificate
  • First Aid Certificate (Level C + AED) Minimum
  • Security Awareness Certificate
  • Marine Medical Certificate
  • Small-Vessel Proficiency Certificate (or international equivalent)
  • Possession and Acquisition License (or international equivalent)

Application Form

To apply for this position, please fill and submit Expedition Team Application form.