Victoria Polsoni - Social Media & Content Marketing Specialist

Victoria Polsoni

Social Media & Content Marketing Specialist

Victoria is a natural-born entertainer, a skilled photographer, and is happiest when she’s outdoors. She’s passionate about fishing, crafting comedy sketches, and her dogs.

Victoria adds a creative touch to the marketing department by managing Adventure Canada's social media accounts and creating fresh content.

As a child, she spent most of her summers on the water getting her hands and feet dirty at her family escape on the St. Lawrence River in Québec. This is where she found her love for the outdoors and developed a strong passion for fishing.

At the age of fourteen, she received her very first camera which sparked her strong passion for photography. Victoria started her photography career working in a camera store and later for reputable imaging brands such as Fujifilm and Nikon. She is now well known for her technical knowledge, adventurous style and flexibility in any given environment.

Victoria enjoys producing sketch comedy shorts in her spare time. Some of her characters—like Fred Feathers—have even found their way into Adventure Canada events. She can play about five chords on guitar, trains muay thai, and always has several creative projects on the go. She loves running with her dogs, Zeus and Enzo.

Victoria has an undying drive to constantly challenge herself both mentally and physically—and the rewards she reaps are wonderful. There’s never a dull moment in her waking hours. She is passionate, motivated, and highly adaptable—she relishes in the unexpected, and so feels right at home with Adventure Canada’s expedition style. Her adventurous spirit shines brightly in the tales she tells through her images.