Thomas Kovacs - Musician, Expedition Team

Thomas Kovacs

Musician, Expedition Team

Thomas Kovacs, singer, guitarist, but most importantly, entertainer. His irreverent humour and musical artistry wins him new fans with each show. Be prepared for some very lively interactive fun!

Thomas Kovacs’s growing audiences agree, leaving his corporate career to follow his heart was the right move. 

At the youngish age of 50, Thomas left his career as a programmer/analyst at a large Canadian corporation to pursue his passion for music full-time.

Thomas Kovacs And Friends

But years before that, he was flown from Toronto to the island country of Bahrain in the Persian Gulf to perform for U.S. troops during Desert Storm I. Singing for troops every night for five months was a tremendous influence in developing Thomas as an entertainer. 

After returning to Toronto, Thomas built upon the skills he learned while performing for U.S. troops by singing for audiences who wanted to leave their workweek behind for an evening of fun. 

Thomas Kovacs Driving Zodiac

Since 2001, Thomas has been the musician on board twenty-four Adventure Canada expeditions. 

In January 2010, while enjoying his career as a computer programmer/analyst, but with music fiercely pulling at his heart strings, he left his corporate desk to become a full-time musician.