Tavii Toronitz - Expedition Team

Tavii Toronitz

Expedition Team

Tavii loves all things outdoors, including mountaineering, surfing and spearfishing.

Tavii has recently graduated from the University of Victoria with a biology degree but has realized that she’d much rather be out on the water and in the mountains than learning about them from a desk.

She is an avid outdoorsperson in her free time but has been lucky enough to find jobs where she can do this for work as well as for fun.

She is currently taking a break from her work as a commercial diver in her home province of B.C.  Before this, she worked with Fisheries and Oceans Canada as well as the Canadian Navy.

Outside of work, Tavii loves spending time in the B.C. mountains hiking, skiing, and mountaineering. She also loves the ocean and is an avid surfer and spear fisher.