Susie Evyagotailak - Inuit Cultural Educator

Susie Evyagotailak

Inuit Cultural Educator

Susie is a retired educator, language consultant, and a seamstress. She likes to create crafts, mainly with beads, which she finds is a form of great relaxation in her retired life.

Susie is an Inuk from Kugluktuk, Nunavut, where she teaches language and cultural programs at the Arctic College and at the Hamlet of Kugluktuk Wellness Division. Inuinnaqtun language and culture are her passions, as she believes these are the roots of who we are, where we come from, and where we can go in the future. She regularly visits elders to connect with their knowledge of language dynamics and to help record words of the past. Susie advocates for her local language dialect by sitting on various committees and making recommendations for the betterment of language programming.

Susie Evyagotailak

In 1983, Susie became a classroom assistant and worked her way up the ranks by taking field-based courses to become a certified teacher with a Bachelor of Education, and eventually earned a Master of Education certificate in 2009. Susie has also completed an Aboriginal Language Revitalization certificate.

Nowadays, Susie continues to dedicate time to her passions by sitting on a committee that is advocating for one Inuktitut writing system at the national level for Inuit across Canada. Susie hopes to write a book for her fifteen grandchildren and two great grandchildren about the travels of Inuit women of then and now. She enjoys being out on the land with nature.