Shane Welsh - Expedition Medic

Shane Welsh

Expedition Medic

Shane is an Advanced Care Paramedic, snowboarder, and hiker from Newfoundland. His passion for travel keeps him seeking the next adventure.

Shane originates from a small community in central Newfoundland. He has spent much of his time living and being heavily involved in the culture of both rural Newfoundland as well as the urban quirks of St. John’s. The landscape of Newfoundland and all it has to offer led Shane to a strong interest in hiking, mountain biking, and ski touring during the winter.

He has since moved to Edmonton, Alberta, allowing for easier access to world travel, as well as adventures in the Rocky Mountains. Shane’s smile will always be most prominent standing on top of mountains or near the oceans of the world.

He’s quick to tell stories of his home province and will never turn down an offer to dance a ‘jig’. When Shane is not travelling, he works as an Advanced Care Paramedic, with emergency experience in both rural and urban services throughout the country for over the past ten years.