Season Osborne - Historian

Season Osborne


Season loves reading, writing, and sharing stories about Arctic history, people, and places.

Season made her debut landing on Beechey Island with Adventure Canada in 2014.

She was first introduced to the North in 1999 when she worked as editor of Above and Beyond magazine, First Air / Canadian North’s in-flight magazine until 2022. Her northern visits for the magazine sparked a keen interest in the Arctic. Finding an archival photo of seventy-year-old Captain Joseph-Elzéar Bernier hoisted on a bosun’s chair inspired her Master of Journalism thesis, which explored Bernier’s contribution to Arctic sovereignty. Her nonfiction book, In the Shadow of the Pole: An Early History of Arctic Expeditions, 1871-1912, highlights expeditions to the Arctic—some led by Captain Bernier.

Season continues to write about the Arctic, its people, and history and has contributed numerous articles to Above and Beyond, The Canadian Encyclopedia, and ARCTIC Journal. She lives on a small acreage in the Ottawa Valley and works in communications at Correctional Service Canada. She spends her free time gardening and reading about intriguing pieces of northern history.