Scott McDougall - Sustainability Professional, Expedition Team

Scott McDougall

Sustainability Professional, Expedition Team

Always motivated by sustainability and adventurous challenges, Scott has led parallel careers: one in the business of sustainability and another in expeditions at sea.

In business, Scott brings over thirty years of experience in sustainability leadership where he has honed deep skills in management, communications, and advocacy to make a lasting positive impact on corporate sustainability. His recent roles have included executive, entrepreneur, investor, advisor, writer, and speaker in the environmental, sustainability, CSR, social investment, and business communities. Until 2012 when he sold the company, Scott was President and CEO of TerraChoice Group Inc., a firm specializing in sustainability certification and marketing.

As sustainability thought leader, Scott completed a sixty-plus stop speaking circuit including two tours in Australia and has been featured as an expert commentator in mass media including TV appearances on Canada AM, Business Week, CBC, CNBC, and print coverage in publications such as The New York Times, The Economist, Newsweek, Marketing Magazine, The National Post, The Gazette, USA Today, The Sacramento Bee, Fast Company, The Guardian, Daily Mail and the BBC.

As a seafarer, Scott was an expedition manager for the Canada C3 project (Toronto to Victoria via the Northwest Passage, as part of Canada’s 150th birthday), has completed multiple small sailboat trans-Atlantic voyages, completed the first-ever circumnavigation under sail of the Manicouagan Reservoir (the Eye of Quebec), managed and sailed aboard the Arctic Tern expeditions to the Canadian Arctic, has participated as an instructor and Zodiac driver with the Students on Ice Expedition Program, has run his own charter boat in the British Virgin Islands, as well as numerous other expeditions, deliveries, and projects. Once, he even spent eight weeks living the “castaway” life alone on a desert island getting all his protein by hand from the sea! Scott is qualified as a Captain to the RYA Yachtmaster Offshore standard and is a scuba diving guide, divemaster, and safety rescue diver.

Scott lives in Chelsea, Québec, in a home overlooking the Gatineau River, and was educated as a biologist at Trent University.