Ree Brennin Houston - Marine Biologist, Art Instructor, Expedition Team

Ree Brennin Houston

Marine Biologist, Art Instructor, Expedition Team

Ree is passionate about the world’s oceans and everything that lives in them. She shares that passion with as many people as she can.

Ree Brennin is a zoologist with a special passion for sharing her love of marine life, conservation, and the beauty of nature. She attended the United Nationals International School, the University of British Columbia, Queen’s University, and McMaster University, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Zoology and a Master of Science degree in Biology.

Ree has studied rattlesnakes, snowshoe hares, song sparrows, crows, and black-tailed deer, humpback, right whales, and beluga whales. She is certified as a NAUI SCUBA instructor, and if you let her, she’ll rave non-stop about the beauty and mystery of the undersea wilderness.

Ree has taught at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, the Monterey Institute of International Studies, Queen’s University, and the University of Ottawa. She now works at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography in Nova Scotia, protecting wildlife and their critical habitat.

Ree lives with her husband John Houston (also an Adventure Canada staff member) in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Together they run a vacation rental called the Rose Bay Homestead near Lunenburg, ideal for multi-generation families who love nature and outdoor fun. Ree is honoured to be stepmother to John’s son Dorset and grown daughter Becky Kilabuk—who is also an Adventure Canada staff member.