Randy Edmunds - Inuit Cultural Educator, Expedition Team

Randy Edmunds

Inuit Cultural Educator, Expedition Team

Randy Edmunds is an Inuk from Nunatsiavut. He spends as much time as he can out on the land and sea around the northern coast of Labrador.

Randy was born in North West River, Labrador and grew up in three of the five communities that make up the Inuit region of Nunatsiavut. He is a subsistence hunter and fisherman with some forty years of experience on both the land and the sea.

Randy graduated from John Christian Erhardt School in Makkovik in 1981 and went on to attend Fisheries College (Marine Institute) where he received a Fishing Masters IV certification as well as a Limited Home Trade passenger carrying endorsement. He has been both an inshore and offshore fisherman for species like salmon, char, and cod along the coast of Labrador, and has also fished shrimp in the offshore, primarily in the Davis Strait between Greenland and Labrador.

Besides fishing, Randy has worked in a variety of different fields in Labrador, including as a mental health counsellor, a weather observer, and an environmental Programs Monitor/Coordinator. In 1999 Randy, along with his wife Lori, owned and operated a small hotel and tour boat operation in Makkovik which they ran for nearly twenty years. He represented the beautiful district of Torngat Mountains in the Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Legislature for eight years.

Randy is a proud grandfather and can often be found having tea parties with Charlotte and Islay aboard the Ocean Endeavour when he is not acting as a bear monitor or Zodiac driver for our expedition team.